The new Marvel man – Ant Man


The Marvel family is already enriched with the presence of super heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, etc. These characters have provided us with a great deal of entertainment, action, drama and punch lines over the years. The Ant Man is the latest addition to Marvel’s family of legendary heroes. This guy is no billionaire or God or result of some chemical exposure or blessed with super powers, he is just a simple man trapped in family crisis trying to figure out ways and means for employment in order to lead a decent life.


As all Marvel movies, Ant Man begins with highlighting a feud within the world famous super hero studded organisation S.H.E.I.L.D. over a very potent scientific discovery. As all other movies from the Marvel production house, Ant Man promises its viewers the same old recipe followed by all Marvel flicks, i.e. a great deal of humor, wit, action, an arrogant and over confident villain who is easily tamed in the end and last of all, a peak into the future of the Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War and the future production of Ant Man.


Coming to the man of the moment, our Ant Man (Paul Rudd) does significant justice to the role of a Marvel super hero as he adds periodic humour and necessary amount of wit and powerful punch lines which runs in the Marvel family genes. If we talk about the special characteristics of the Ant Man, firstly, he has a suit built by a scientist from S.H.I.E.L.D, Dr. Hank Pym which can help him vary his size based on his will. Secondly, he builds the extraordinary power to mentally communicate with his army of ants. With these two powers by his side, the Ant Man goes on to save the world from the hideous ideas of Darren Cross , the billionaire in the negative role, who also possesses a similar suit with much advanced powers.


All together Ant Man is quite predictable, yet I would say, Marvel has quite admirably highlighted their new character.

Even though Ant Man is quite similar to all the introductory Marvel production movies, where Marvel introduces its new characters into its clan, but if you are a Marvel or ad Avengers fan it’s definitely worth the watch. However one cannot not compare the persona of the Ant Man to the likes of the Iron Man or Thor, but he does promise to be an interesting addition to the Marvel arsenal.

Final Rating: 3.5/5

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