Drishyam – The Review


Bollywood film makers have really fascinated and impressed their viewers in 2015 with some really powerful and dramatic thrillers like Baby, NH10 and Badlapur. Drishyam is another such addition to the list of a really good Bollywood thriller. Originally made in Malayalam, followed in Tamil, Telegu and Kannada, this appalling and nerve racking story has always set the screen on fire. As the title suggests the movie circles around just one theory: Visuals can be deceptive.


Director Nishikant Kamat has managed to do a fairly decent job in remaking this superhit flick in Hindi. Set in Goa, unlike other hindi movies set in Goa, this film does not even have a glimpse of alcohol, drugs and raves. The movie is really simple when it comes to the settings, costumees and effects, wha takes you for a ride is the story.

Drishyam is the story of a common man who is a 4th standard fail Vijay(Ajay Devgn), who has learnt everything in life through cinema and his happy go lucky family. Their happiness is destroyed by the only son of IG Meera Deshmukh (Tabu) goes missing and Vijay is made the prime suspect in the case. This is the point where Drishyam takes off and sets the tone for a thrilling series of events which follow between the system and a technically illiterate villager.


If we come to discuss about the star cast, Drishyam is beautifully carried all the way along on the back of it’s absorbing story which will keep you intrigued till the very last moment and its main actor Ajay Devgn. As in other languages by stars like Kamal Hasan and Mohanlal, Mr. Devgn has done a great job in playing the role. We are once again reminded of his intense moods and expressions in movies like Zakhm, Once Upon a Time In Mumbai, Gangaajal and Apharan. On the contrary, Tabu, the second main actor playing the role of I.G. Meera Deshmukh seems to be a bit of a misfit in the role as she lacks the basic vigour and energy to pull of such a strong and powerful role.

On the whole, Drishyam unlike most Hindi movies tries to keep up its pace in both the half’s, with the second half being extraordinarily engrossing and stunning. Last of all it’s the common illiterate man who triumphs over the system with his limited knowledge. Drishyam highlights the extent a common man can go to fight for his family.

As many may think that the hindi version may not be a patch to the Malayalam version, but Drishyam will definitely restore a Bollywood viewer’s faith in the suspense and thrill genre.

My Rating – 4.0/5

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