Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – The Review

mi5-character-fb656 (3) Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), the most deadly agent produced on the American soil returns in the 5th edition of the MI series at the age of 53,  still trying his level best to gather all the attitude, style, vigor and class to pull of the role he has portrayed so well over the years. As all the other MI movies, Rogue Nation also opens with a scene showing Mr.Hunt in action trying to save the world from a deadly organisation called the Syndicate. Director Christopher McQuarrie, sticks to the very basics as his predecessors have done, hence people who have seen the earlier parts of Mission Impossible, will not find anything much appealing or unfamiliar. The story line of Rogue Nation is quite an average one. It gathers a great deal of momentum in the beginning, but slows down as it tries to linger on. One key point that many viewers may notice is that the story is very similar to the previous MI versions, so I would advise you not to expect anything new from the story or the plot. One does feel, that the makers should try and improve the story line or bring in some variety rather than following the same old Ethan Hunt vs the world fairy tale. Mission--Impossible---Rogue-Nation-DI-1 When we come to the action and stunts segment, MI series has never let us down. From the famous Burj Khalifa stunt in Ghost Protocol to trying to get in a taking off plane, Tom Cruise manages to do it all. The stunts and action scenes, one of the major attractions of the MI series are really promising and is a definite attraction. Rogue Nation does complete justice to this sector. Mission-Impossible-Rogue-Nation When it comes to Mission Impossible , the music is quite the same we have heard from Day 1, so once again no major changes there. Some tweaks are made in the cast and crew, like Sean Harris playing the negative role of Solomon Lane seems to be quite a misfit in the role and Alec Baldwin, the CIA chief manages to do a fairly decent job with the character he is designated. Rebecca Fergusson, another new addition to the MI family, playing the role of an undercover British agent, manages to give Tom Cruise some competition on the screen doing a congenial job. CyI6MMa The 133 minute ride in which Ethan Hunt and his comrades, i.e. Benjamin Dunn (Simon Pegg), Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) and William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) not only manage to save the world from a deadly organisation but also manage to salvage the pride and glory of their banished organisation, the IMF. Mission Impossible, will definitely thrill someone who has not watched the series regularly or one who is not an enthusiast of the Hollywood genre, but for the rest, it’s quite an ordinary experience. My Rating: 3.0/5

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