BlackMass: Jack Sparrow to Whitey Bulger, Johnny Depp can do it all


We all know him as the famous Captain jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Caribbean series: Johnny Depp casts his magic on his new Gangster avataar. Blackmass is the story of a Boson gangster, John Whitey Bulger, who runs his own gang, the Winter Hill gang.

Depp does seem unbelievably suitable to the role, despite the heavy makeover. Blackmass is a multi-star studded flick, with the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, playing the role of Whitey Bulgers elder brother Billy, Joel Edgerton playing the FBI supercop, John Connolly along with the likes of John Dakota, Julianne Nicholson, Corey Stoll and Adam Scott in supporting roles.



The story dates back to the 1960’s to 70 period where Whitey Bulger, one of the top criminals in Boston, rose to power with aid form the FBI. Based on a true story, Blackmass beautifully describes in detail the exact setting of the crime scenes in Boston in those days. However, the most stress is laid on the main man John Bulger, and his rise to success. It all triggers off when the local FBI agent, John Connolly, suggests using Whitey Bulger’s help to bring down the local Italian mafia.


However, the FBI is able to use Bulger’s help, but in the long run, they completely ignore, his rise to power as the crime lord of Boston. Director Scott Cooper sheds light upon every deal and business Johnny was involved in during his prime days and most importantly, how the FBI allow losing their leash on Bulger and let him take control of things. Despite the power Johnny Bulger enjoys, he is emotionally struck by the loss of his son and mother, which go on to challenge his sense of judgement and dragging his associates and him down in the end.


Blackmass is just like an ocean, being calm and subtle in places and being equally rough and violent in the others. One recalls the jaw dropping job done by Johnny Depp in a similar role in Public Enemies, some years back. During its entire two hour run, Blackmass loses its course in between, specifically once Johnny loses focus after the deaths of his mother and child. All in all, Blackmass is your type of a movie, if you enjoy watching crime stories.

My Rating: 4.0/5

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