Kis kIsko Pyaar Karu: Kapil Sharma’s Debut is Smehting he Will Want to Forget


The moment has finally arrived when India’s most loved comedian, Kapil Sharma drives into Bollywood on the wheels of his handful of funny expressions, satirical comedy and a baseless cum no brainer story. Well even the best of cars need 4 wheels for balance, so the question arises that how does Kapil Sharma manage his Bollywood debut ride on 3 good for nothing wheels ??. Read below for the answer.

Kis kIsko Pyaar Karu is the story of Mr. Shiv Ram Kishan ( Kapil Sharma) who is a genuine and helpful guy, especially for females and it seems whenever he enters to help a female, he ends up marrying her. From the very beginning, one can hear the words: stupid, nonsense and baseless being echoed out of the story. However, only your love for Kapil Sharma can keep you glued to this flick.


If we try and shift our focus to the other characters in this disastrous ride, we have Varun Sharma and Mr. Arbaaz khan, playing the role of a lawyer and a deaf don, who surprisingly, seem to make more sense than anyone else on screen. There is no shortage of female talent in the script, with the presence of Elli Avram, making her on screen debut, Simran Kaur Mundi, Manjari Phadnis, Sai Lokur and Supriya Pathak, another disappointment compared to what we saw her in Raamleela.


The movie seems to be a stretched version of the all famous Comedy Nights With Kapil, which at some points is the actual life saver for every viewer. It is even more disappointing when this bizarre story is supported by a much worse music direction and timing. Kapil Sharma’s momentary comedy and a handful of jokes cum comic scenes is all what Abbas Mustan have to offer after a debacle with Race 2.

The cameos by Arbaaz Khan, Varun Sharma, Manoj Joshi and Elvi Avram can be considered the best out of the lot, as these are the only faces that seem to sparkle on the screen.


On a commercial basis, yes, the marketing and promos definitely promised a lot, which is why the crowd will be attracted to the theatres, else we really wish, Mr. Sharma, realises, he is good for comic supporting cameos and if he is to return as a leading man, he needs a script full of 10 times more comedy and madness, something like Jim Carrey got to do in The Mask and Dumb and Dumber. Well that s only hope, so if you have nothing good , or even nothing to do on this weekend, my last suggestion would be to treat yourself to Mr. Sharma’s on screen heroics.

My Rating: 1.0/5

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