Shaandaar is a Shaandaar disaster


It has now become a trend with most Bollywood actors to create buzz in the B-town with a hit and following it with an utter flop or a series of utter flops. Shaandaar is another addition to this category.

With Shahid Kapur setting an all new level with his stellar performance in Haider and Alia Bhatt having a celebrated year with hits like Highway, Two States, Hupty Sharma to her name and not to forget, director Vikas bahl, the creator of Queen, one does really expect the outcome to be somewhat meaningful.

Shaandaar begins to delight the viewers making a signature Dharma production start, with Shahid kapur roaring in across the wind, a cool, smart and casual Alia with the amazing persona of Pankaj kapur. But after the opening scene, the movie heads onto a path of stupid jokes, unusual family habbits and a great deal of nonsensical stuff. The whole story revolves around a big fat wedding which is more of a business deal for both families involved. Shaandaar’s main story line is quite common and if you are a Bollywood fan, you must have seen it a 100 times before.

However, something worth an appreciation is the terrific chemistry between Shahid and Pankaj Kapur, which is the only thing that makes Shaandaar worth a one time watch. The small duals between the father and son are what adds the momentary humour and interest in a completely desolate storyline. The leading lady Alia, does manage to pull off a decent job but it is not soon you realise that even her cute and smart pranks are not even closely enough to save Shaandaar from being a dull and boring movie with nothing entertaining to offer.

221.1  Shandaar

Amit Trivedi’s songs are another reason which makes Shaandaar watchable. On a normal occasion, regular songs tend to irritate the viewer, disturbing the story line, but in this case the regular songs save the viewer from entering into a state of depression. Some of the appreciable cameos from Sanjay Kapoor, ( yes you hear me right, Anil Kapoor’s brother, whose acting skills were mentioned on the AIB roast ), Sanah Kapoor, playing Alia’s sister and Sushma Seth, playing the role of an arrogant head of the family, help the common man get through Shaandaar.



Altogether, Shaandaar entertains you in a very limited amount, with every small entertainment pack cramped up between spiceless and nonsensical scenes. Well, a decent editor and story writer are two medicines what I definitely recommend Mr. Bahl and Karan Johar for their next projects. The only 3 positivs you walk out with from the hall after Shaandaar are

  • Shahid Kapur, Pankaj kapur and Alia’s acting
  • Amit trivedi’s music
  • Your heart still beats after the torture it has been through in the last 2 and a half hours.

My Rating: 1.5/5

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