Tamasha: It’s Cinema for The Class



Imtiaz Ali and Ranbir Kapoor’s last venture ( Rockstar ) was one transformation in latter’s career and so is Tamasha. Criticized by some and appreciated by the others, Imtiaz Ali’s unique way of presenting the mix of romance and the common problems of life is the gist of Tamasha.

Despite the romance and intricacies of life, it is really thoughtful of Imtiaz Ali to take up a matter of social concern to project on the big screen. The movie revolves around a very simple concept/problem faced by the youth of today’s country, job satisfaction.


Tamasha begins slow and dull but takes you on a ride once it kicks in. The movie takes a complete hour to get to the climax. At the end of the first half you definitely feel the need of suggesting Imtiaz Ali the need of a decent editor. Luckily, the director does not waste even a single frame in the second half and then the ride begins.


From the gorgeous scenes shot across Corsica to the lanes of Delhi and Simla, Mr. Ali ensures that like all his previous ventures the standard of the locations is exquisite. As the story sets in, the main actors, i.e. Ranbir and Deepika play the role of a product manager, Ved and a freelancer Tara, respectively. Tamasha is the story of a common man, who is forced to follow a career like many and at a later stage of life finds himself in the middle of nowhere. His struggle begins when he falls in love and he rediscovers his originality. Tamasha beautifully highlights this common problem faced by every youngster in today’s world.



As far as the music is concerned, Mr. Rahman does not give you much points for a complaint as it grooves in perfectly with the story and the respective themes in which they have been picturized. Well, who have seen Imtiaz Ali’s work before, they all know that music has always been the back bone of all his stories.

Acting performances are never a woe when it comes to Imtiaz Ali’s direction. A tremendously bold performance from Ranbir and a stupendous show by Deepika is a pleasure for the viewer. With successive failures in the recent past, its really commendable of Ranbir to come out of his nutshell of failure and portray sch a complicated character. The applaud to the acting performances would be incomplete without the mention of the stunning cameo from Piyush Mishra, who plays a local story teller, which is the icing to the cake.



Despite the early stutter, Tamasha ensures that it’s viewers are entertained and take a message along with them. It is such powerful and though provoking cinema that if understood and put to application in today’s India, will change many lives. Last but not the least, I stick by my point, TAMASHA IS FOR THE CLASS.

My Rating – 4.0/5


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