Wazir: Khel Khel Mein (Its all In The Game)


The game of Chess has been the taste of intellectuals since quite a long time. This interesting and engulfing game gets all the more thrilling when organized by Bollywoods all time great Vidhu Vinod Chopra and characterized by artists like Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar. As the name suggests Wazir revolves around the game of chess, played in the life events of the two lead actors, Amitabh Bachchan (Omkar Dhar\Panditji) and Farhan Akhtar(Daanish Ali).


Wazir is the thriller served with all ingredients added, some in and some out of proportion. Set primarily in Delhi and parts of Kashmir, Wazir s the type of thriller you will like to kick start your Bollywood journey of 2016. Wazir does justice to all the four qualities of a thriller, i.e. that it’s short, sweet, interesting and crisp.  Powerful punchlines, timely illusions, mind games and impressive use of characters are some of the plus points of this movie. On the contrary, extra scenes, overacting and a not so charismatic Farhan Akhtar are the points where Wazir stumbles in it’s path to be the PERFECT THRILLER.

One can definitely argue that Wazir does justice to the brand of cinema produced by Vidhu Vindod Chopra in the past, but again, Wazir has its own shortcomings. It gathers pace in the beginning and sets the mood in but at a juncture post the half mark, it stutters to carry itself. With characters well chosen, Mr. Chopra tries creating a lot of illusions in his story which you need to be aware to watch out for.


Music for the movie is again a job of perfection. With it’s slow tracks Wazir almost has every track well sung and pictured. As the story catches fire, Wazir brings in more and more characters, which at a moment seem unnecessary. As Amitabh Bachchan sets the mark too high with another stellar performance, Farhan Akhtar strives to reach that bar portraying his role with a select set of expressions. Something worth a pat on Mr. Chopra’s back is the way he uses the cameos of Neil Nitin Mukesh and John Abraham, which will definitely put you in a fix at the end of the movie. Negative role played by Manav Kaul (Yazaad Qureshi) and Aditi Rao Hydari (Ruhana Ali) are also appreciable performances.


I would conclude saying, even though Wazir may end up creating a lot of hype, making a good amount of money, but somewhere it fails a fraction in achieving the expectations, buzz and hype created for it. Wazir is all about understanding the game being played, both on the board and off it. Lastly, as said by Mr. Bachchan “Khel Khel mein, Khel Khel ke, Khel Khel yeh Aajayega”, keep your eye on the game and you shall conquer it.

My Rating:3.5/5




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