AIRLIFT: A Much Needed Movie For Today’s India and Its Indians


In the past few years, many Indians including me have been busy finding out shortcomings in our country’s government, education, atmosphere, etc. In the process of disliking and cursing our country, we do tend to forget the magnanimous name this nation has across the globe and the heroic deeds done by our nation in the past. Airlift, is the story of one such heroic deed done by Indians for their kin. As portrayed in the trailers, Airlift is the story of the evacuation done of over 1.5 lakh Indians from Kuwait during the latter’s invasion by Iraq.


With Akshay Kumar (Ranjeet Katyal) and Nimrat Kaur(Amrita Katyal) in the lead roles, Airlift does not boast too high of its star cast. Akshay Kumar plays a high valued Kuwait based Indian business man, who has lost all value for his mother land. One fine day Iraq invades Kuwait and the circumstances change in such a way that not only him, but about 1.5 lakh Indians, who have the same mentality towards their motherland realise that if someone can help them, its only their country, India. Nimrat Kaur, with only her second main stream movie plays the role of Akshay Kumar’s wife and ends up doing a handsome job. Playing the role of a typical Indian wife who keeps on gunning her husband to the supportive Indian woman, Nimrat Kaur transforms her role as and when the story needs. Despite the aura added to the movie by the lead actors, powerful cameos like Purab Kohli as Ibrahim Durrani, Prakash Belawadi as George Kutty and Kumud Mishra as Sanjeev Kohli add timely momentum and support to the movie.




Despite amazing acting performances and a thrilling story, Airlift’s music is another plus point for the movie being flawless. Music Director Amaal Malik and playback singer Arijit Singh tend to do a great job with the songs, positioning them exactly at the right places, which is a major problem in Bollywood cinema today. Shot majorly across the gulf countries, Airlift does not have much to offer to the scenic beauty of the camera.


Airlift is one movie of the kind where the story, music, acting performances, direction and the momentary comedy all fall in the perfect place as the story progresses. In the past we have seen many movies based on true stories bite the dust, but director Raja Menon ensures that the viewers do not lose interest for even one moment in his portrayal of what is called one of the GREATEST EVACUATION MISSIONS OF ALL TIMES. The director ensures he maintains a standard level of thrill from the beginning till the end. One of the best thing about Airlift is that it never loses its momentum.


Like every Bollywood flick, Airlift has those scenes and dialogues which tend to stay long in the Indian minds, so be on the watch for them as they will leave you amazed. This is one of those piece of cinematic art which cannot be adjudged a hit/super hit or a 100 crore grosser. Airlift is Indian cinema at its best and it is up to us, who tend to even find faults with our cinema to promote or at least watch this movie once. Lastly, if you still do not get a reason to watch a movie like Airlift, just watch it to make yourself feel proud and special as an Indian.

My rating: 5/5.

Yes, it deserves a fiver, sometimes just keeping things simple leads to perfection. Hope this movie is some food for thought for makers of movies like Dilwale and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

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