Deadpool: The Funny Avocado shaped Marvel Man


Cool, heart throb, flamboyant, vulgar, super reflexes, a universe of sarcastic punchlines with an amazing sense of humor; Marvel’s new man Deadpool is the perfect combo of the 21t century superhero. Yes, one may say that Marvel does not showcase anything different from its previous movies, but only a Marvel fan understands the importance of a new character.







Making his debut in the superhero genre as Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds was not able to make much of an impact, but as Deadpool, he definitely gets your attention. As most Marvel stars, Deadpool is the result of a chemical experiment, which without doubt gives him great powers, but disfigures him completely. So basically, he is just like the HULK, but a little more happening and funny.


Deadpool has all basic ingredients of a Marvel superhero movie, the average life with a mountain of problems, a beautiful girl, an accident which leads to transformation, the bad guy, etc. Despite a load of similarities that Deadpool shares with other Marvel makes, the makers of the movie definitely succeed in building a powerful image of this superhero in the family.



Speaking of the movie, it progresses in two parallel story lines; one showing the life of a new born super hero and the other showing how he was born. Ryan Reynolds(Wade Wilson), the main guy is projected as a smart, well equipped with a sense of humour, adult humour filled with sarcasm, full of energy and in love with his girlfriend Morena Baccarin(Vanessa). Things start to change once Wade is diagnosed with cancer and hence begins his journey to transformation. Like most of our super heroes this guy also has just a fistful of friends, Weasel (T.J. Miller) playing a bar tender who leaves no stone un turned to mock his transformed friend who looks like the embryo of the cross of an apple and an egg and Blind Al(Leslie Uggams).


Despite all the mind blowing action stunts and twists in the story, the element of comedy is what keeps you intrigued and gives you the occasional tickle to the humour bone. The movie also showcases Colossus(Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead(Brianna Hilderband) in the side roles accompanying Deadpool on all his hunts. Unlike most Marvel movies, the negative guy Ajax(Ed Skrein) along with his side kick Gina Carano(Angel Dust), do not make much of the badass impression, like the legendary Marvel villains like Red Skull, Loki and Ivan Vanko.



The main powers our guy has is super flexibility, self healing ability and the ability to crack jokes in the most serious of situations. Deadpool in his introduction shows he is definitely not the typical Avengers superhero, who will risk his life to save the world, but someone who can be really good when teamed up with someone like the Ant Man or even Iron man for that matter when the latter are on some kickass mission. Avengers and Marvel fans can really dream of seeing Tony Stark and Wade Wilson besides each other.


Well as a character and a movie, Deadpool manages to do justice to the job, however at points the help of its supporting characters rise up to the occasion to save the day. If a marvel fan Deadpool is a must watch and if you are not, it is still a must watch. At the end you will be left with many questions, whether will we be seeing Deadpool again? What will the sequel look like ? Will Deadpool be able to make it big like the Avengers ? Well all of that and many more will be answered once you watch the movie. Last of all, do not miss the sequel teaser in the end, the actual part for which all Marvel fans wait.

My rating: 3.5/5

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