Kungfu Panda 3: Po Is Back!


Since 2008, the year which saw the Kungfu Panda series kick start, it has not only received an overwhelming response on the box office but also successfully built a huge fan base. The simple idea from Dreamwork animations of transforming one of the most adorable species of animals into a kungfu warrior has gone onto spread its name and fame across the 7 continents.

Introduced in 2008, brought back in 2011 and once again making a huge comeback in 2016, the Kungfu Panda, Po and his friends are all set to take the franchise lovers for an amazing ride. After the attainment of inner peace in it’s predecessor, Po has been assigned the task to transform from the dragon warrior to a teacher and the master of ‘Ki’, another Chinese Kungfu art.


Directed by Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh, Kungfu panda 3 has all qualities he franchise has delivered in the previous movies and promised in its trailer. Set in ancient China, the third part showcases a journey by Po to discover who he really is and help him realise that he was never eating up to his potential. Dialogues by Jonathan Aibel and Glen Berger pump in a great level of enthusiasm, determination and awesomeness to the characters in the third part of this series.

kung-fu-panda-3_611x458_51446629323 panda-gallery3-gallery-image

With the voices of Jack Black(Po), Angelina Jolie(The Tigres), Dustin Hoffman(Master Shifu), Jackie Chan(Master Monkey) and James Hong(Mr. ping, Po’s adoptive father), the addition of Bryan Cranston as Li, Po’s real father sets the ball rolling for another hilarious and adventurous journey. One of the best parts of the Kungfu Panda series is it’s story flow; short, crisp, full of Panda comedy and humour and some amazing animated action sequences that put an icing to the cake. However, all the above mentioned factors have now seem to become constant ingredients in this series. Though these factors make the 90 minutes journey entertaining, but the idea of making the franchise move with quite a similar and expected story line shows that     Dreamwork does not to intend taking much risk, meddling with his amazing Panda success recipe.



Throwing some light at the bad guy, for the third Kungfu panda series introduces an extinct Kungfu Warrior, Kai, a bison, voiced by J.K. Simmons. After the heart throbbing negative characters of Tai Lung, Shen, the character of Kai seems to put up quite a performance, outclassing his predecessors to some extent. The sound score, by Hans Zimmer, as always, complements the aura of the movie and the characters.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 2.27.55 PM


As per my opinion the journey of the dragon Warrior to the teacher has some pot holes but is definitely worth a try. After all who will not be entertained seeing Po train an army of pandas at what they do best, eat dumplings, sleep, roll and have fun.


My rating: 3.0/5

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