Jai Gangaajal: Prakash Jha Fails to Recreate His 2003 Masterpiece With Bollywood’s Leading Lady


Gangaajal, the name reminds us of the 2003 Prakash Jha classic starring Ajay Devgn in the lead supported by the likes of Gracy Singh, Mukesh Tiwari, Mohan Joshi and Yashpal Sharma. Gangaajal may have not minted money at the box office in 2003 but went on to leave a long lasting impact on the Indian cinema fans, which is the reason the sequel has gathered too much momentum before even hitting the screens.

With the kind of success and reviews Priyanka Chopra has amassed in her previous movies, the bar is really set high for Bollywood’s leading lady. Playing the role of a righteous, honourable and strong cop posted in a district in Bihar, Priyanka initially lacks the energy and charisma the role demands. As the movie progresses, she exhibits all qualities an actor of her calibre is expected, adding the required mount of energy and strength to her role. Despite a worthy performances, Priyanka, the cop, falls short in creating the aura the presence of Ajay Devgn created 13 years back in the prequel.



Assisted by the director himself, Prakash Jha, who pulls off a stunner performance. Portraying the role of a deceitful and corrupt cop, Jha makes sure he delivers everything the role and the man behind the camera demands.


Jai Gangaajal, much similar to it’s prequel, has the same concept and story line, with much more drama and noise added to it. In comparison to the perfect negative roles played by Mohan Joshi (Sadhu Yadav) and Yashpal Sharma(Sundar Yadav) in the 2003 classic, Ninad Kamat (Dabbloo Pandey), Manav Kaul (Babloo Pandey), Kiran Kamarkar (Ramakant Chowdhary) and Murli Sharma(Munna Mardaani) leave no stone unturned to cast their negative impact on this 150 minute journey.


From his past experiences in the negative character in Wazir and Kai Po Che, Manav Kaul seems to have brilliantly matured as a negative character in the Hindi film industry and his performance proves it.



Shot in most parts of Bankepur, Bihar, the movie has been set perfectly in the unruly, politically influenced culture of the state. Just like his previous success stories like Apharan, Raajneeti and Gangaajal, Mr. Jha always sets the perfect environment for his story.

As far as the music component goes, there is hardly anything to offer than a few comic tracks that help make this strong and serious story a little funny. Jai Gangaajal begins it’s journey showcasing the dirty and dark parts of Indian politics and police with an element of comedy in it, but gradually transcends into a serious and stunning example of what public outrage can do.


If we move our focus to some other elements such as the dialogues, they are mostly simple, cheeky and humiliating at times and bold enough to make a statement the remaining times. Something a critic will admire is the style Prakash Jha follows in his movies. Sprayed across with major actors, Prakash Jha’s movies have a simple story, yet seem refreshing every time.

Jai Gangaajal can be counted as a major addition to the herd of meaningful cinema this year. Despite multiple fallies, Jai Gangaajal team manages to do a quite decent job and put up a laudable performance, which can be worth your time and money on a weekend stuffed with cricket and football action.

My Rating: 2.75/5

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