The Big Short: An Introspection of the 2008 Recession


The Economic Plunge of the US Economy of 2008 that took 7.9 million jobs and over 10,000 lives has been vividly discussed and portrayed on the 70 mm screen in the past. The Big Short is another such revelation. Written and directed by Adam Mc Kay, The Big Short, exposes the weakness and the malfunction of the US housing system.

Starring the likes of Christian Bale( Michael Burry ), Ryan Gosling( Jared Vennett ), Steve Carrel (Mark Baum) and Brad Pitt(Ben Rickert), the movie kicks start with an interview being conducted by Bale in shorts and a t-shirt with drumsticks. It is at the end of this very interview that Bale is able to identify the instability of the US housing system and sooner or later it would lead to a crash of the economy. The metal music lover, super cool and intelligent Michael Burry( Bale ) goes ahead and bids a whopping $1.3 billion against the  US housing system, something which has never collapsed and is highly unlikely to financial tycoons as per the Wall Street.


The director makes sure the viewers are engrossed in the story from the start and ensures that the story keeps pace similar throughout the 130 minute ride. It is from this point that the director goes onto introduce his various main characters displaying the back ground and their role on the Wall Street. With most of the journey dealing with economics and the complex terms involving the US banking and housing sector, Mr. Mc Kay makes sure that every term and organization is well explained with suitable examples before it is mentioned in the movie, which makes it much easier to comprehend.


During this amazing revelation we see many characters who followed Burry’s suit after Jared and Mark had already invested in this lucrative idea. John Magaro ( Charlie Geller ) and Fin Wittrock ( Jamie Shipley ) also find some interest on a paper in the Morgan Chase office, making them all the more excited to put money in this idea. The entire story, beginning from 2005 till the day the markets crashed highlights a series of revelations by the top notch people of the American economy.


The whole movie revolves around how the US economy has been modulated for personal benefits exploiting the myth that the US economy will never fall. The movie talks about the AAA loans and CDO’s , which have lead to a chain of increasing debts and loans on the banks.


As far as the filming goes, most of the movie is shot on the Wall Street and in surrounding areas. Music director, Nicholas Britell makes a great deal of effort to keep his music in synch with the movies progress. Dialogues by Michael Lewis are perfectly written and maintain their perfection throughout the story.


All in all, The Big Short is one of the best and most detailed revelations portraying the reasons behind the collapse of the American economy. The movie ends with scenes from the current lives of all the main and supporting characters. After receiving multiple nominations at the Academy Awards and being able to gross a total of $127 million against a budget of $23.8 million, the Big Short is no short of a successful film.


My rating: 4.5/5


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