Kapoor & Sons- Since 1921 : One For The Indian Families

Starring: Rishi Kapoor (Amarjeet Kapoor), Ratna Pathak (Sunita Kapoor), Rajat Kapoor (Harsh Kapoor), Fawad Khan(Rahul Kapoor) , Sidharth Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor) and Alia Bhatt (Tia Malik)

Director: Shakun Batra

Music Director: Amaal Malik


The Dharma Productions banner rarely disappoints when it comes to family drama. Despite their last tragedy, Shaandaar, Kapoor & Sons was expected to have some special stuff, and yes, it does. Director Shakun Batra, the guy who gave us Jane Tu Ya Jane Na, makes sure all ingredients are perfectly added to this dish.


Shot across the hill station of Conoor, the cinematography by Jeffery Bierman and locations selected complement the movie scenes beautifully. Selected scenes like the one with the first date of Siddharth and Alia, with the family photograph and those with the family feuds are worth special appreciation for the amazing touches given to it.


Acting is something that adds to the aura of the film, and the amazing performances ranging from veterans like Ratna Pathak Shah, Rajat kapoor, Rishi Kapoor to mature performances from Alia, Siddharth and Fawad make it a much beautiful and memorable movie. From Rishi Kapoor, who despite being old and the head of the family, is full of vigour and energy to the young and enthusiastic Alia, Kapoor & Sons is a ride you need to experience at least once; and if possible , with your family.


Despite its scoring points, Kapoor & Sons has points, where it loses it’s course. Over acting and drama coupled with long transition times and a couple of scenes not needed, make the film feel like a bit of a burden at some times.

The 132 minute journey is filled with energy, enthusiasm, disappointment, love, passion, grief, unity, acceptance and packs of happiness, every feeling a family goes through. The director, makes sure that he ropes in every possible crisis that an Indian family faces in today’s date. From internal family feuds between brothers to extra marital affairs, Mr. Batra covers it all in his film.


Under the able supervision and direction of Amaal malik, the music also grooves to the situations and the plot of the movie. Slow number like Dholna and Sathi Rey meddle with the sad instances, while rock star Badshah has numbers to paint the happy moods in the movie.

All in all, Kapoor & Sons, is the perfect entertainment pack for both, the Indian families and the youth of the nation. Within two days, the movie has been able to gross Rs. 14.60 crores and seems to go on for a roll at the Box Office in the coming weeks.


So does this family drama end on a Happy or Sad note? Who finally ends up with Tia? Arjun or Rahul ? To get all these questions answered, go and have a look at Kapoor & Sons.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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