Rocky Handsome: Not So Handsome.

Starring: John Abraham (Kabir Ahlawat/Rocky/Handsome),  Shruti Haasan (Rukshida-Special Appearence), Nishikant Kamat (Kevin Pereira), Sharad Kelkar (Dilip Sangodkar), Nathalia Kaur (Anna,Naomi’s Mother), Diya Chalwad (Naomi), Shiv Kumar Subramaniam (A.C.P Rebello), Suhasini Mulay (Carla Aunty), Teddy Maurya (Luke Ferriera).

Director: Nishikant Kamat

Musi Director: Sunny and Inder Bawra

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The trailers of Rocky handsome had showed us what the movie is going to be about. So if you are going in thinking you are going to find something other than an action packed John Abraham who goes on a killing spree, you may end up getting disappointed. An adaptation of The Man From Nowhere, Rocky Handsome offers nothing new to the 70 mm screen.

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Picturised mainly in Goa, Nishikant Kamat’s flick is a major let down after the likes of Drishyam and Force. Force, saw Abraham as a cop fighting drug trafficking and in Rocky Handsome plays the role of an ex serviceman, who seems to have no record of his early life. With a super ordinary story line, above average music, no major variety of actors, an angry, sad and expressionless lead actor, Rocky Handsome fails to keep you interested in the ride.


Rocky handsome has some major flaws, not only in its story but also in its direction and presentation. It takes Mr. Kamat more than half of the movie to introduce and provide a background of John Abraham, which is hardly anything unpredictable. The movie revolves around the sad life of John and the little kid Naomi, the drug cartel of Goa and a couple of tough cops. Despite all its drawbacks, Mr. Kamat adds another woeful ingredient to the movie, himself and Teddy Maurya(the guy who palyed the lodge manager in Jab We Met) in the negative roles. Trying to pull of the perfect negative psychotic performance, the goons irritate you more than do some bad stuff.

If we discuss about acting, John Abraham is good at what he does best, giving the monotone expression, bashing goons and not smiling at all. Sharad Kelkar, playing a cop and Divya Chalwad, the little girl playing Naomi are something worth having a look. The rest of the casting looks like the producers had run out of budget and had to put in some extras to fill in.

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Rehnuma and Aye Khuda from Shreya Ghoshal and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is some decent music which for a change saves you from the catastrophic bashing of both Kamat and Abraham. The Bawra brothers seem to provide an amazing background score everytime Rocky Handsome makes an entry for some action and honestly that is one of the very rare things you will find laudable in this 120 minute ride.


Last of all, Rocky handsome may make some big bucks in it’s opening week, but its run at the Box Office, may not be so handsome. So, if you are keen to see a hindi movie this weekend and you have seen, Jai Gangajal, Neerja and Kapoor & Sons, you can give Rocky Handsome a try. It is not that bad, its just too average.

My Rating: 2.0/5

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