Ki & Ka: R Balki’s Latest Wanders Around the Concept of Gender Equality



Starring: Kareena Kapoor (Kia), Arjun Kapoor (Kabir), Swaroop Sampat (Kareena Kapoor’s moher), Rajit Kapur (Arjun Kapoor’s father)

Cinematography: P.C. Sreerm

Music Director: Ilayaraja and Mithoon


Cheeni Kum, Paa and English Vinglish, with such amazing movies in his bag, R Balki walks in this year with his new movie impressing upon the concept of gender equality. With his last venture, Shamitab, being an utter disappointment, Mr. Balki was expected to deliver something special for his fans.

Starring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor in the lead roles, Ki & Ka is pretty much what the trailer shows; Arjun Kapoor as a stay home husband in order to let his wife work playing the stereotype Indian housewife and Kareena Kapoor the man of the house who works and slogs to run the family.


Supporting actors, Rajit Kapur, Arjun’s father and Swaroopa Sampat, Kareena’s mother, play along the movie and manage to add a lot to the script with their amazing performances. R Balki focussess on keeping the audience occupied with the momentary comedy using the “Chadhi Check” expression.


This experiment of role reversal seems to start of well with both of them picking of their duties well but seems to lose its path in the due course. The first half is an utter disappointment with Arjun Kapoor trying just too hard with dialogues like “Mai apni maa jaisa banna chahta hu” and Kareena trying to get into her skin of a successful and relationship repellent woman.

Shot in most parts of Delhi and Mumbai, cinematography by P.C. Sreeram has ordinary written all over it. Music from Mithoon and Ilayaraja is again too ordinary with meaningless songs. Ji Hazoori and High Heels are the only two songs , that seem to touch the conscience of the movie.


After a first half which makes you lament spending your money and makes you think is Balki trying to do another Subhash Ghai, the second half is bang on target. Not wasting anytime, Balki strikes hard on the theme turning your disappointment into instant joy.

The second half drills more into the problems the couple faces and touches at logical points of the concept of role reversal and gender diversity. Mr. Balki saves the day introducing  a lot more meaningful stuff and an amazing cameo by Mr. and Mrs. Bachchan. Touching on all basic feelings of happiness, jealousy, care, frustration Mr. Balki recites this tale well making the script do actually what it was meant for, spread a message and ensure a happy crowd leaves the theater.

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Ki & Ka has its moments but only thing that lacks is consistency. After a long time I saw Kareena Kapoor picking up a good script and acting her potential and Arjun Kapoor playing the same old expressionless Most Handsome munda as in 2 States and manages to pull it off.

With the only Bollywood flick in theatres, Ki & Ka is something special for today’s couples. Yes, it does seem a little stupid idea at times, but R Balki makes his point and keeps his legacy intact at the end of the 120 minute long journey.


So go, watch and decide whether the idea of role reversal is something interesting and practical or it can be termed as simply impractical ?

Are Ki & Ka able to work it out or just end up in disappointment ? Go, watch and explore and let me know whether R Balki’s latest surprises you or not ?

My Rating: 3.0/5

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