Eye In The Sky: Never Tell a Soldier That he Does Not Know the Cost of War


Starring: Helen Mirren ( Colonel Katherine Powell, a military intelligence officer), Aaron Paul ( Lieutenant Steve Watts, a USAF drone pilot), Late Alan Rickman (Lieutenant General Frank Benson), Barkhad Abdi (Jama Farah, a Kenyan undercover agent), Iain Glen (British Foreign Secretary James Willett)

Director: Gavin Hood( Director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Rendition)

Cinematography: Haris Zambarloukos

Drone warfare, covert operations, international military executions; all these topics have been vividly portrayed time to time on the 70mm screen. Eye in The Sky is another such adaptation. Starring Alan Rickman, his last ever on screen appearance, the movie revolves around a joint covert operation conducted by the US, Kenya and UK in Kenya.

With a wide variety of actors, Gavin Hood tries adding some flavour to a very serious yet moving script. The movie focusses on the sudden change of events that take place during an operation to capture suspected terrorists in Kenya and how the officials involved in it react to these turning scenario of events. With Alan Rickman, Barkhad Abdi , Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul in the lead roles, Eye in The Sky meddles with the emotions and guts of both its star cast involved in the high gravity mission and the viewers watching it.


eye-in-the-sky1 EITS_Ex_Original

Shifting the spotlight from the acting to the impeccable brilliance added to the scenes shot, cinematography from Haris Zambarloukos and screenplay from Guy Hibbert touch your heart with their scintillating performances. Scenes involving the dilemma of Aaron Paul in shooting the missile and the little girl Aisha Takow (Alia) are heart touching.

Despite a serious monotone which the movie follows, the directorial team manages to add the momentary humour to give the audience a tickle very now and then. The irritating and frustrating manner in which the army officials go around for approvals from the Government is simply hilarious and in a way showcases the sad story of how things are handled in a democracy.

Transcending from the small screen into the big one, Iain Glen and Aaron Paul tend to bring their form from Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad into play. The story does not have much to offer to the audience, but all what will leave you impressed is the perfection with which the story is portrayed and the actors carry it out.








With an amazing 10/10 performance in every aspect, the movie somehow falls off its cart in the second half as things become a bit mismanaged. On the whole, Eye in the Sky is something, which you should not miss if you are the one for thrillers and war movies.

My Rating: 4.5/5


The Alan Rickman Column


In his 38 years of acting, Alan Rickman has done some memorable roles that leave behind his memory in the heart of millions of cinema lovers. His final act on the screen as Lieutenant General Frank Benson has something in it that portrays the elegance the man has managed to earn in the film industry. His last words is a dialogue illustrating the life of every soldier who lives to keep his country’s banners flying high; Never Tell a Soldier That he Does Not Know the Cost of War.

                                                                               THE END


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