Baaghi: You Might End Up Spending More On The Popcorn



Starring: Tiger Shroff(Rony), Shraddha Kapoor(Sia), Sudheer Babu (Raghav), Sunil Grover (P.P. Khurana)

Director: Sabbir Khan

Cinematography: Binod Pradhan

Productions: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment


Over the years we have seen the Indian film fraternity evolve from a cocoon of drama, patriotism and romance films into a world where it has produced amazing thrillers, sports and trend setting movies. The only genre where I believe Bollywood is yet to make its mark is ACTION.

From the days of Sunny Deol to the days of rising action stars like John Abraham and Vidyut Jamwal, we have seen Bollywood action movies change drastically. No doubt the Hindi Film industry has taken a huge leap in the action genre, but still there is a lot of ground to cover up





Baaghi- Rebel To Love, classified as a romantic action film does justice to the action genre. With the young Tiger Shroff only in his second movie pulling off some amazing stunts and action sequences along with a few punches and kicks from the cute and adorable Shraddha Kapoor, Baaghi has some praise worthy action scenes and sequences.


Despite the brilliant action component, Baaghi leaves the public with one question, i.e. at what time did the director and writer forget that an action film also needs a decent script to impress?? It seems director Sabbir Khan forgot about the script while he was busy with the action sequences.



With an under cooked script, average direction, poor screenplay, Baaghi is stained of impoverish acting performances and frustrating and needless songs. Shot in parts of Bangkok and South India, the direction team chooses some beautiful spots for the movie but mars them with the camera.


Despite Tiger and Shraddha, the supporting performances by Sunil Grover helps you put through the first half, but then it goes missing in the second. The bad boy, Sudhir Babu’s performance is abysmal and below par with the Bollywood standards. He only thing that you will admire in Baaghi is the action sequences and Shraddha Kapoor. With his second movie, Tiger Shroff confirms, that he has loads of potential to do the Bruce Lee stuff, but not the romance and drama, what is demanded from Indian actors, hope he gets this soon.


With the likes of Fan in the previous week and Civil War coming next week, I would definitely advise spending money on Fan or save it for Civil War. Watching Baaghi, will make you lament the money you spend on the ticket and you might end up spending more on the popcorn to put you through the 140 minutes.

My Rating: 1.5/5

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