Waiting: The Kalki-Naseerudddin Pair Seems Just the Right Mix


Starring: Naseeruddin Shah (Shiv Kumar), Kalki Koechlin (Tara Deshpande), Arjun Mathur (Rajat Deshpande), Rajat Kapoor (Dr. Nirupam Malhotra),  Suhasini Maniratnam (Pankaja)

Director: Anu Menon

Cinematography: Neha Parti Matiyani

Music: Mikey McCleary



Transformation from the mass to the class has been the most celebrated accomplishment of Bollywood. From days where “art movies” or the so called, classy movies were seen waiting on the doors of multiplexes, today we see these movies running across all major theatres in the country. There has been a huge leap in the quality of cinema, which has not only made its mark, but also forced the big banners to make quality cinema, than the much easy, money making mass entertainers.

Starring Nasseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin, Waiting, is a comedy-drama film revolving around the lives of two individuals and the hard choices life forces upon them. In all hope to revive his wife from a long lasting coma, Naseeruddin Shah, plays an old doctor, whose life is just reduced to the hospital. He comes in touch with Kalki, whose husband has met with an accident and is in a serious condition. In the hour of need, both end up being the much needed support for each other.


Director Anu Menon makes a bold and mature impression in her first solo directorial venture. Waiting just seems to have everything well measured and right about it. From the scintillating and groovy tunes like “Tu Hai Toh Main Hoon” and “Zara Zara” to the impeccable screenplay between the leading and supporting actors, the team does not fall short of anything. In its 90 minute journey, Waiting does wander off its course for a moment or two but ensures it keeps your interest occupied.


Whether it be the momentary comedy, simple yet heart touching dialogues or the beautiful spots of the town of Cochin, Waiting is a film worth investing your time and money in. Powerful acting performances, well balanced by a bold Rajat Kapoor seals the deal. Its simple, compact and well packaged, so if you are not the Housefull guys, Waiting is the right Bollywood pick for you.

My Rating: 4.0/5.



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