Now You See Me – The Second Act: It sparkles Yet Doesn’t Startle

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg (Danny Atlas), Mark Ruffalo (Agent Dylan Rhodes / The Fool: Former FBI agent), Woody Harrelson (Merritt McKinney and Chase McKinney), Dave Franco (Jack Wilder), Daniel Radcliffe (Walter Mabry), Lizzy Caplan (Lula May, a new member of The Four Horsemen replacing Henley), Jay Chou (Li), Sanaa Lathan (Agent Natalie Austin), Michael Caine (Arthur Tressler), Morgan Freeman as (Thaddeus Bradley)

Director: Jon M.Chu

Cinematography: Peter Deming

Music: Brian Tyler


The last time the 4 Horsemen came on stage they performed one of the big screen it surely did blow the audiences minds off. A different flavour of magic coupled with exhilarating scientific methods was one which people relished really well. Post such a performance in the first act the Horsemen are being expected of a much stunning performance in their second and indeed they do.



The doors open showing a disturbed and confused Jesse Eisenberg in a deep conversation with the Horsemen’s in charge organisation, the Eye. As things begin to progress, Lizzy Caplan is introduced as the 4th horsemen replacing Isla Fischer and without wasting much time we are introduced into the first act of the movie. As the prequel, the sequel scores almost level in the thrill, camera angles and the unbelievable magic tricks but falters on a much larger ground. Half way down the movie after Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Caine make their entry you realize that the story follows a very similar pattern. Agreed a sequel, yet all of a sudden the story looks stale despite the fire works it produces.


As far as acting performances are considered, Daniel Radcliffe and Mark Ruffalo seem shaky (looks like Harry and the Hulk has gone missing since the Deathly Hallows and Age of Ultron) and rest is all sugar and honey. Shot across the US and in cities of Macau and London, director M.Chu ensures that, the more amazing the trick the grander shall be its presentation. At some point of time your interest may just drift off and shall hop back in the last scene, which unlike the other acts will not only leave you spellbound but also tends to save the brand’s legacy.



The second act of the Horsemen has all ingredients of its first dish including a surprise disclosure towards the end. In an attempt to reincarnate the success of the first part, the makers fail to make ground and end up producing a sequel that is nothing more than an amazing magic trick with good looking magicians. I would suggest giving it a try if you like keeping scores of sequel flicks and have nothing much to do this weekend.

My Rating: 3.0/5


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  1. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I want to check this one out. I liked the first movie but honestly didn’t think it needed a sequel. I think I might keep this one for a rainy day. Great review btw, are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms?

    1. Sure, the first movie was amazing but the same dish served again does not impress your buds. No, am not sharing my reviews anywhere else, though I have my facebook page, The Cinema Station and still looking for a platform for showcasing it . Thanks for visiting 😜

      1. I totally agree with you. I definitely don’t want to pay to watch the same thing again. Cool! Well, if you’re interested, I’d love to help you get your writing seen on Moviepilot/Creators. Let me know if you’d like some more information. You can find my contact details on my ‘About’ page.

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