Madaari: An Irrfan Khan Monologue With A Hint Of Jimmy Shergil Is Tiring

Starring: Irrfan Khan (Nirmal Kumar), Vishesh Bansal (Rohan Goswami), Jimmy Shergill (Nachiket Verma), Tushar Dalvi (Prashant Goswami), Nitesh Pandey (Sanjay Jagtap)

Director: Nishikant Kamat

Music: Vihal Bhardwaj, Sunny Inder Bawra

A ripping trailer with Irrfan Khan’s intensity and wit, Jimmy Shergil’s style and the stage being set for an exhilarating thriller involving the kidnapping of the Home Minister’s son had the crowd on their feet for Madaari. Madaari, in line to join thrillers like Kaun, Raavan, Shaitaan, A Wednesday and Apharan at the top of the sack, does not only surprisingly disappoint as a thriller but also as a film.


To be honest, Nishikant kamat has not found much luck post Drishyam and Lai Bhaari(Marathi), either as an actor or a director and Madaari does not mess with the trend. The wait for some thrill may keep you glued to your seats and interested in Irrfan Khan, but 15 minutes into the second half, you realise that Madaari is a lost battle. Irrfan Khan delivers a standard lead role supported by a blunt Jimmy Shergil , out of sorts Tushar Dalvi and a young-energetic  kid, Vishesh Bansal. Thus, the average acting performance is without doubt the only stand out feature of this never ending 130 minute saga.






Despite a very ordinary story of a common man who lost his kid to due to the corrupt Government, the movie tries to create those ‘WOW’ thriller moments, but sadly they all meet dead ends. Yes, it may turn on the patriot within you for some time(for me, it failed even there ), but it nowhere stands a chance against the Rajnikant starrer, Kabali. Music from Vishal Dadlani and Sunny Bawra is average and thankfully limited, however background scores are the only thing that make you feel you came to watch a thriller.

So, as the movie tag line goes,’Desh so Raha Hai’,  Madaari follows suit and allows the audience to dose off in the cinema halls. Madaari is definitely not worth a try unless you do not get tickets for Kabali or feel like really watching a hindi movie.

My Rating: 1.5/5

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