Trailer Trails: Kyuki Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost

Hey Guys, we are back with the 2nd edition of #TrailerTalks. Today we put under the lense Ajay Devgan’s latest adventure thriller, Shivaay. The movie stars the veteran Mr. Devgan, the comedian Vir Das(which looks to be the exciting point) and a new girl on the block, Sayesha Saigal.


Shivaay is fast and furious. The trailers paints so many pictures before you that you are left unresolved with what is the movie all about. It deals with the biggest weapon of lord Shiva of the Hindu mythology, Tandav(chaos), and the trailer is the imperfect merger between chaos and adrenaline. Acting skills of Mr. Devgan are unquestionable as always as he takes the cake himself leaving some space for the actress and a surprising element, Vir Das.

The entry of Vir Das came as a surprise to me, given the fact he is India’s known comedians. He gave off the perfect look in his 2 second appearance and other than Ajay, he is the only thing I can focus upon. Shivaay looks to be a cinema skill candy, but a lot will depend upon the script and Mr. Devgan’s directorial skills.

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