Suicide Squad: Talking Points

Background: Suicide Squad is the latest venture of the DC Comics to introduce their set of villains on the 70 mm screen. Characters such as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, Enchantress, Colonel Rick Flag, Slipknot and El Diablo are brought to life by director David Ayre in the latest Warner Brothers production.

  1. The Joker: It’s always not easy to play a role that has been honoured by legends such as Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson, but the new boy on the block plays the Joker as a professional. He is mad, nervy, funny, i.e. every joker characteristic, but his flickering presence in the film is really irritating, not giving him enough chance to the audience to decide whether Mr. leto is fit to carry on the legacy or not.


  1. The Story Is A Slow and Painful Death: Yes, Director and Writer David Ayre focusses on making his characters super nuts, powerful and impulsive, but in his journey to do so he forgets to put in a script, which is decent enough to support such impressive characters. It’s just a meaningless poem with few bold verses. Even though the story is dull, predictable and lifeless, David Ayre makes no attempt to introduce some suspense or element of surprise in his DC Villains narration.



  1. The Suicide Squad Members: Indeed, the most important part of the film. DC fans will love this part. The production team makes sure that great effort is put in for every character’s back ground story, from Deadshot to Harley Quinn. They are good at being bad, neurotic, hasty, funny and above all, stylish with a pinch of class.


  1. Music and Background Scores: Someone who is able to support the dark characters of DC with trending hip hop and background scores with rock music, is a shear genius. Steven Price, the leader of the Band ensures all scenes are well orchestrated with his music and give the flick a smoking flavor.






  1. The DC Good Guys: Ok, you all must have seen the Batman and Flash in the trailers. Yes, both make a brief appearance but even before we can enjoy them once again, they vanish. Despite the Batman and Flash cameo, there are multiple references to the Superman, but he still sleeps in his coffin. Yes, we do get to have a glimpse of Aqua man too, but better watch the film for more on that.





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