Trailer Trails: Raaz Reboot

Since its inception in 2002, the Raaz series has been one of the most popular productions of the Bhatt production banner. The Raaz movies have always oscillated around a common theme, a love story with a haunted background; and so does Raaz Reboot. Not only does the film pose a naive title for a horror film sequel, but also does not pose a much decorated star cast, as most Vishesh films.


With Emraan Hashmi the only big name joined by Kriti Randhawa and Gaurav Arora, the trailer surely gives you the scary moments playing along with an adorable love triangle between the lead actors. Music, which is Vishesh Films’ most powerful component is kept under the curtain during a 2 and a half minute thrilling prelude to what can be expected be another horror masterclass from the Bhatt’s.

40534-Raaz (2002)


Raaz Reboot will strictly cater to a very limited audience who are either Emraan Hashmi fans or horror movie enthusiasts and does not seem a very major financial venture for Vishesh films. Well, with the songs yet to be rolled out, much cannot be said about the conquests of Raaz Reboot on the box office, but the film will surely aim at the revival of the series after the disappointment of the last two parts.

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