Happy Bhag Jayegi: A Laugh Riot Coupled With Adorable Romance

Starring: Diana Penty (Happy), Abhay Deol (Bilal Ahmed), Momal Sheikh (Zoya),           Jimmy Shergill (Daman Singh Bagga), Ali Fazal (Guddu), Kanwaljit Singh (Happy’s Father), Piyush Mishra (ACP Usman Afridi)

Director: Mudassar Aziz

Music: Arijit Singh, Mika Singh, Shahid Mallaya, Neeti Mohan, Sohail Sen, Javed Ali

Diana Penty riding a bike on the streets of Lahore in a green wedding dress was the selling point of a thoroughly entertaining and comic two and a half minute trailer of Happy Bhag Jayegi. With a multi star studded star cast and coming from a production house that has given stunners like Tanu Weds Manu series, Raanjhana and Nil Battey Sannata, Happy Bhag Jayegi was set to match the highest standards of romantic comedies in Bollywood, and yes, it does hit the impressive levels


Set across Amritsar and Lahore, Happy Bhag Jayegi is not only a great bride runaway comedy but also a film that impresses upon cross border tension in a funny manner. Director Mudaasar Aziz after delivering multiple heartbreaks at the box office seems to have found the right mix of characters and story line.



The movie focusses on Diana Penty( Happy ) who elopes from her marriage with Jimmy Shergil ( Daman Singh Bagga ) and somehow lands up in Pakistan. What follows is in an interesting and lively story well enacted by a bunch of talented actors. Making a standout impression in a multi starrer is tough but every actor from Piyush Mishra to Ali Fazal and Abhay Deol ensure they cast their special touch on the film, making it even better. The film also marks the entry of Mommal Sheikh into Bollywood and the return of Abhay Deol, which many fans were eager to watch.


Despite being a thorough entertainer and laugh riot, Happy Bhag Jayegi falters in some sections where you might seem some over acting, unwanted scenes and twists in what could have been a perfectly etched portrait. However, in the midst of all the chaos, love stories and comedy the film manages to blend in some great songs which are definite contenders for your playlists. “Kudiye Jo Tu Single Hai” is the icing to the cake by Mikha Singh just like “Jugni” in Tanu Weds Manu.


To sum up this journey, it was good and at par with my expectations, which did rise a bit after a Rs.300 ticket, but definitely could have been much better. Happy Bhag Jayegi would be another inclusion to our list of Bollywood films that featured marriage escapes, published yesterday. Since we decide to change our rating systems from this week, equating our ratings to train journeys, Happy Bhag Jayegi would be a perfect “3 Tier AC Journey”.

My Rating: 3 Tier AC (3.0/5)

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