Freaky Ali: Nawazuddin’s Expertise makes Freaky Ali the Perfect Bollywood Entertainer

Starring: Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Ali), Arbaaz Khan  (Maqsood), Amy Jackson (Megha),  Jas Arora (Peter), Seema Biswas (Sulbha), Nikitin Dheer (Danger Bhai), Asif Basra (Kishan Lal)

Director: Sohail Khan

Music: Sajid Wajid

The sultry comedy, power packed punchlines, a bold Nawazuddin , the adorable Amy Jackson and the return of Arbaaz khan marked the highlights of an insanely funny and freakishly entertaining trailer of Freaky Ali. Freaky Ali makes sure it gives you the fun and enjoyment a two hour chair car journey in an elite train like Shataabdi or the Deccan Queen. A reflection of Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore, Freaky Ali does justice to its simple script and the Salman Khan banner.


The movie kicks off with a chain of jokes and director Sohail Khan ensures the comic tone is undisturbed throughout the 2 hour journey. Freaky Ali presents Nawazuddin as an undergarment seller who at the age of 34 figures out his unbelievably special talent for golf. Accompanying Nawazuddin in his conquest to glory in the sport, his friend Arbaaz Khan and mentor/caddy Asif Basra play major roles. Despite a comic blast Freaky Ali features a sweet and gullible love story of Ali and Megha (Amy Jackson) which does add the tangy flavour to this sumptuous meal. To conclude our stop at the acting station, its Nawazuddin’s stall that is the main attraction with the remaining star cast simply supporting his brilliance with very minor contributions.


After a sparkling first half, the film keeps its momentum but loses its balance as and when the focus shifts off from our star golfer. Despite the enjoyment it gives, Freaky Ali gives no major incentive to its music or camera work, which could have made Freaky Ali even more lovable. The sets of the film mostly shuttle between the Mumbai slums and the golf course, which prevents this amazing film from being a master class.


To sum up our journey, Freaky Ali, surely gives you many reasons to smile and would be a definite recommendation for you from The Cinema Station. I did enjoy the film despite its flaws and it certainly qualifies for the standard, quick, chair car journey filled with multiple enjoyable moments and powerful double meaning jokes to be relished the most.

My Rating: AC chair car(3.5/5)

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