Saat Uchakke: First Class Actors gang up to give a Third Class Film

Starring: Manoj Bajpayee (Pappi), Anupam Kher (Deewan sahib), Kay Kay Menon (Tejpal),  Annu Kapoor (Pichichi), Vijay Raaz (Jaggi), Aditi Sharma (Sona)

Director: Sanjeev Sharma

Music: Abhishek Ray

A hilarious trailer featuring a handful of talented actors with the essence of a gang robbery in the streets of Old Delhi seemed to be a finger licking good meal. Saat Uchakke does fascinate you in the 2 and a half minute trailer but literally goes out to kill you when presented in a 2 hour film. One may feel that with such a decorated star cast, a film may have some substance and entertainment to it, but you need to try really hard to humour your self-trough this 140 minute torture express.


The ball sets rolling with Annu Kapoor escaping a mental asylum and talking gibberish like a mythological God, which seems funny at first but after some time it feels like ripping your hair out of your head. The film does entertain, but only in the first half an hour, but once all the characters are introduced, it turns into a dull lecture which is impossible to sit through. Saat Uchakke heavily depends on its punch lines and abuses to entertain you but after the first half these punch line also start coming in annual instalLments.


As far as acting is concerned you cannot complain much as the film features the bests of Bollywood. Right from Manoj Bajpayee to Anupam Kher everyone plays their part, but their roles are as pointless as diet coke with an extra cheese pizza. Director Sanjeev Sharma follows up his demise with Peepli Live with another full on disaster as the film is nothing less than a monster unleashed on the poor audience.


This journey is the worst rail journey you can imagine. Uncooperative staff, poor seats, terrible route, dirty coaches, etc. is the most befitting description this film scores. As mentioned earlier, the film is such a nightmare that you are unable to judge the other aspect of the film. Music is an add on disaster which will make this cinematic catastrophe even worse.


After almost a 2 hour struggle when you think the cast and crew is done with you, Mr. Sharma plans to stretch out his climax scene to the extent that you may need to pound on extra eatables to put you through the remainder of the film. If superficially seen, the only scoring points the film has is the bang on portrayal of Old Delhi and the handful double meaning puns, which help you manage a giggle in this torture. To conclude, Saat Uchakke is a big NO and unless you are a critic, please do not even think of trying this challenge.

My Rating: Unreserved Compartment (1.0/5)

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