Jack Reacher: It’s a Film Way Below Expectations

Starring: Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher), Cobie Smulders (Susan Turner), Aldis Hodge (Major Espin), Danika Yarosh (Samantha Dayton), Patrick Heusinger (The Hunter), Holt McCallany (Colonel Morgan)

Director: Edward Zwick

Music: Henry Jackman

Have you ever traveled by a Rajdhani or Shatabdi and got the experience of a Gorakhpur-Patna inter city? If not, then Jack Reacher is that experience. Well, most people may go to watch the film based on the amazingly thrilling prequel, but Jack Reacher: never Go Back is a film that discredits the image of its predecessor.


As soon as the train sirens blow and the journey picks up pace, director Edward Zack brings in the perfect Jack Reacher atmosphere filled with Reacher’s stealth and style, which needlessly raises your expectations. As more characters like Major Susan Turner, Samantha Dayton and the Hunter, are brought in and the ride gathers pace, the chain of events seem to build up an intense first half.


Tom Crusie, perfected over the ages with his Mission Impossible roles, looks a little dizzy but puts on a film saving performance. On the other hand, Cobie Smulders, or as most of you may know, Robin Scherbatsky, playing Major Susan Turner is a complete miscast as an army women and struggles throughout the film.


After an intense first half setting the hopes of a mind-blowing thriller to unfold, the second half of the ride, not only loses its pace but also its course. All of a sudden we see the suspense and the element of surprise vanish into thin air and are left with a lot of action and unwanted emotion. Another point where the film disappoints is the extra feelings and tenderness which do not mold well with the Jack Reacher script.


The film is a perfect example of a botched up second innings, which everyone would like to forget. The journey has nothing much to offer than a few chase sequences and a standout negative character performance from Patrick Heusinger. Henry Jackaman’s music goes unnoticed as you hardly feel its presence.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Last of all, The Cinema Station would suggest you not to try this rail ride since it has boring stations, uninteresting characters and leaves you helpless at the end of the day. Thus, the tagline we would give the film would be “Never Come Again” rather than “Never Go Back

My Rating: Second Class Sleeper(1.5/5)

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