Rock On 2: Magik’s Return is Your Refreshment for the Week


Starring: Shraddha Kapoor (Jiah Sharma), Farhan Akhtar (Aditya Shroff), Arjun Rampal (Joseph “Joe” Mascarenhas), Purab Kohli (Kedar Zaveri/Killer Drummer),  Shashank Arora (Uday), Prachi Desai (Sakshi Shroff), Shahana Goswami (Debbie Mascarenhas), Kumud Mishra (Pandat Vibhutinath)

Director: Shujaat Saudagar

Music: Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Cinematography: Marc Koninckx

A cult film that redefined the musical genre in Bollywood with its amazing tunes, deep and meaningful lyrics and a perfectly etched story, Rock On was the next big thing when it hit the theatres in 2008. It gave the crowd something new and an amazing look to the way musical films and bands could be portrayed in Bollywood. The much awaited sequel and its trailer had people caught up with the voice of Shraddha Kapoor and the idea of Magik returning to ation.


No matter what your reason be, Indian train journeys hardly take time to escalate the fun and fenzy. Rock On 2 had the excitement levels set to that of a perfect family vacation with all imaginable enjoyments and excitements. The movie kicks off with Purab Kohli narrating the current lives of the super rock stars of 2008. The introduction, the follow up, the Aditys Shroff poetry, the songs and the story, all roll down well in the first half. As we pass the stations of acting, music, cinematography, story writing, everything seems well balanced and in proportion.


As we near the half way mark, the audience gets a clearer image of the current situation and chain of events in the film, which is again something well-presented given the experience of Shujaat Saudagar on the silver screen. The first half pumps in some cool songs that skip a beat, but more importantly lines up for another Magikal finish.


Acting performances are good and keep you plugged in as the events unfold. The sequel sees the spotlight shift from Arjun Rampal to Purab Kohli who handles it quite well and the introduction of Shraddha Kapoor paired opposite Farhan Akhtar, which ends up being a well-balanced equation on the acting front.


Screenplay is intense, dominating and captivating, especially when the focus goes on to the Magik members. Brilliant camera work by Marc Koninckx adds a star to the rating. Locations shuffle between Mumbai and Meghalaya which add to the beauty of this portrait.


The transition into the second half is smooth. Mr. Director does not disturb his train coaches as they move in harmony. However, twenty minutes into the second half you see a lot of scenes burdened with unnecessary drama and overacting appearing out of nowhere. To worsen the situation, this drama continues till the very last scenes and needlessly keeps piling up. The people had already seen enough drama on the news channels this week and Rock On 2 does not help with this overweight drama in the script. This is where Shujaat Saudagar’s inexperience and Abhishek Kapoor’s script is left vulnerable to criticism.


Rock On 2 makes sure it flawlessly highlights the transition and changes in the life of all the characters that have taken place since the prequel. Music from Magik is still breathtaking or may have just matured to a new level. The voice of Farhan and Shraddha tweaked with the composition of Shankar Ehaaan and Loy gives you the possible return you were probably expecting. So despite the drama and a couple of hiccups in the script, Rock On 2 is the refreshment break you need after a politically tormenting week. Yes, and the theatres are not accepting your 500’s and 1000’s currency.

My Rating: AC 3 Tier (3.5/5)

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