Force 2 Review: John Smashes, Sonakshi Bashes as the Film goes to Ashes

Starring: John Abraham (ACP Yashvardhan), Sonakshi Sinha (Kamaljit Kaur), Tahir Raj Bhasin (Shiv Sharma/Rudra Pratap Singh), Narendra Jha (Anjan)

Director: Abhinay Deo

Producer: Vipul Amrutlal Shah

The Cinema Stations’s Rating: Third AC Journey- half Confirmed + Half RAC (2.5/5)

In 2011 as college kids, the cop thriller, Force, had us jumping by the edge of our seats, whistling and hooting to the bad ass dialogues, John Abraham action scenes, the well-built villain-Vidyut Jamwal and the adorable Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh; basically all what the film had to offer. The sequel was expected to be a big movie and being a Bollywood lover, Force 2 was set to have a very standard, tried and tested recipe.


A journey that you have taken repeatedly over the last years, a vacation that your parents always force you to take; Force 2 is that experience for a Bollywood regular. Shuttling cross Budapest and Mumbai the film picks off from where it had left. John Abraham has still not gotten over his wife’s demise and is shocked to see another of his beloved friends being killed in action. A delusional John, struck with anger and grief marches into RAW’s office and dictates the RAW chief to allow John to investigate his friend’s death;Surprising! It is here that Mr. Abraham encounters the over smart and male bashing RAW agent, Sonakshi Sinha.


A head strong Mumbai cop and a stubborn RAW agent manage to put up an intense first half. Balanced chemistry, well directed chase sequences, thankfully no songs and a cheeky villain in place of a ruthless one, build up your dream of a ravishing action thriller. The film is just like a perfect Second AC journey in the first half. Well cleaned beds and coaches, great meal, gullible company; everything you would want from a train ride. Director Abhinay Deo picks out a leaf from his classic, Delhi Belly to give the audiences a lot to cheer about in his film’s first half. After an audacious first half, the second half picks up with the similar intensity and pace.


As we move ahead in our journey, slowly and gradually we see all what has bee going wrong with Bollywood action thrillers. What was a brilliant story with a lot of breath taking action, all of a sudden becomes a tasteless meal. Momentary comedy is a necessity in serious films and it needs to be transitioned naturally in the script. Force 2 heavily compromises it’s story flow with some uncomfortable comedy scenes. There are points when it seems even the lead actors were not aware that they had to pass on a giggle for the camera.


It was not like the prequel was a great film, but was carved with sensible logic, emotion and drama. Force 2 seems to gravely miss out on the logic quotient a script needs. As events keep unfolding at their own pace, you are forced to question the intellect of the writers.


John and Sonakshi do a decent job and mange to keep this journey interesting as much as possible. However the writers fail them. Force introduced an amazing negative character of Vidyut Jamwal who made us fall in love with his built and merciless moves as a villain. Tahir Raj Bhasin, after a stunning performance in Mardaani finds himself in huge boots to fill. He is cheeky, bold, emotionally driven and goes down too easily lacking the fierceness of Jamwal.


Summing up, Force 2 is only fine to watch if you really want to go for a Bollywood film this week. The never ending list of flaws it inherits from previous Bollywood action thrillers make it another average film in the lot. Force 2 offers nothing new and is just another John Abraham portrait encouraging you to hit the gym.

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