Bollywood’s Finest Court Room Drama FIlms

The Train for the Journey:  Mandovi Express (Mumabi – Goa)

Waqt(1965) – Second AC


An acting master class with a sleek plot and a well crafted murder mystery makes Waqt one of the oldest court room bestsellers in the industry. With Sunil Dutt playing a young and energetic lawyer who goes on to save Raj Kumar in a murder case, Waqt gives us one of the finest talents in a court room with engrossing intensity and laudable Bollywood drama.

Meri Jung(1985) – Third AC


Gush of emotions, nostalgia, revenge and the urge to rescue an innocent doctor of false accusations, Meri Jung is one of the typical loud Bollywood films. The film brings together the freshly baked Anil Kapoor and the veteran Amirish Puri, who battled out to deliver what was one of Hindi Cinemas oldest remembered court room dramas.

Damini(1993) – Second AC


The famous “Taareek pe Taareek” dialogue, a charismatic Sunny Deol matched by a  compelling and dynamic Amirish Puri and power packed Bollywood court room drama scenes is why Damini is considered one of the ideal Bollywood court room dramas. The film circles around a rape case that is dragged into the court and is followed by a series of engrossing events that make Damini a must watch film in this genre.


Kyunki..Main Jhooth Nahi Bolta(2001) – Third AC


The Bollywood version of Jim Carrey’s Liar Liar was one stellar entertainer. The film hit screens in 2001 and unlike any Govinda and David Dhawan film was a mega hit. Govinda plays a struggling lawyer in the film and in the urge to rise higher picks up the annoying yet funny habbit of lying at the drop of a hat. The film delivers trendy and energetic court room scenes with a spoonful of laughter, emotion, logic, drama and action.

Aitraaz (2004) – Third AC


Back then, Male molestation and corporate sexual harassment, was a known evil but a theme never explored nor thought off by Indian filmmakers. Known for their chilling thrillers, Abbas-Mustan’s romantic thriller is one of the finest and coolest court room films our generation has seen. In an attempt to save her husband from a  a false rape claim, Kareena Kapoor Khan fights Paresh Rawal in court to give one of her career best performances. Aitraaz was both a financial and cinematic success, as the film won multiple nominations and awards.

Shaurya(2008) – Second AC


With a dazzling star cast and a handsome presentation of the Army court, Shaurya is one of the major picks of our list. Starring Javed Jaffri, Kay Kay Menon and Rahul Bose, Shaurya represented the case of power abuse and social ignorance in the Indian armed forces. The films is said to be inspired from Tom Cruise’ A Few Good Men.

No One Killed Jessica(2011) – Third AC


The famous open and shut case of Jessica Lal’s murder was a blotch on the Indian judiciary. 2010 saw Bollywood director, Raj Kumar Gupta make a film on this famous case and it turned out to be one of Bollywood’s classic crime thrillers. The film featured very limited court scenes but gave an apt picture as to how Mr. Jethmalani convinced the court to give one of the most bizarre judgement of our time. The film saw Rani Mukkherjee and Vidya Balan take lead as the film was declared one of the biggest hits of 2011.


Oh My God(2012) – First AC


India is a country where you do not fiddle around with people’s religion or belief. Oh My God broke all stereotypes and put on gun point the meaningless category of God Men. Playing an atheist, Paresh Rawal charms the celluloid with his simple and rational arguments in the court of law where he fights to prove the very existence of God. The film was a blockbuster and gave us some memorable court room shots.



Jolly LLB(2013) – Second AC


With a sequel round the corner, jolly LLB was a film that set its own style and mood. The film featured Bollywood’s most fascinating duo of Boman irani and Arshad Warsi at either ends. With a hit and run case boiling at the center of things, Jolly LLB is one of those films that not only focused on the lawyers’ chemistry, but also gave great importance to the role of their judge,Saurabh Shukla.

Shahid(2013) – Third AC


The underdog of the lot, Sahid is another fine court room drama of its time. Palying the role of a Kashmiri youngster whose life is marred with darkness and torment , Rajkumar Rao played one of his career best roles as a young Muslim lawyer, who lives to fight for the wrongly harmed. Directed by Hansal Mehta, the film was widely appreciated by audiences.

Rustom(2016) – Third AC


Intense drama, well framed dialogues and arguments alloyed with some light moments, form the outline of the much appreciated court room scenes in Rustom. The film featured a wide variety of characters that played significant roles in making the film both, interesting and entertaining. Rustom is based upon the famous case of K. M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra. Akshay Kumar and Sachin Khedekar fight each other in the court  and make sure the film keeps you intrigued.

Pink(2016) – First AC


Captivating court scenes with striking arguments and energetic arguments between Amitabh Bachchan and Piyush Mishra at opposite ends, Pink, sent a strong message to the society. The film gave some bold performances to not only deliver a brilliant film but also convey a resounding message to the narrow minded men in our society.





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