Logan is just how you wanted to bid Farewell to Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine

Starring: Hugh Jackman(Logan, X-24), Patrick Stewart(Charles Xavier/Professor X), Richard Grant(Zander Rice), Stephen Merchant(Caliban), Dafne Keen(Laura), Boyd Holbrook(Donald Pierce)

Director: Marco Beltrami

Music: James Mangold

Logan was always going to be hard for those who have loved Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine outfit. The 100 seconds trailer projected an old and spent Wolverine accompanied by the ailing Professor, Charles Xavier. In his final portrayal as the Wolverine, Hugh Jackman tries hard to keep up his game but manages to make his final bout a memorable one.


Similar to other Wolverine films, Logan kicks off with a tone of monotony and depression, showcasing a beast in pain and agony after all his friends and fellow mutants have perished. The film in many ways is different from other X-men or for that matter, even Wolverine films. X-Men series have been loved over the years for their multiple mutant characters and links with which one can associate across the whole film series. Both these characteristics go missing in Logan.


In these days of despair Logan and Charles come across another scientifically carved mutant, Laura, who astonishingly bares resemblance to the protagonist of this journey. In their attempt to safeguard Laura, another product of the Transigen program, Charles and Logan come up against Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant), the current head of the Transigen program and his security aide Donald Pierce(Boyd Holbrook). To be honest, none of them, either Zander or Donald pose a threat to the Wolverine as they fall below the expectations of a formidable negative character which one would expect the Wolverine to crush before his fall.


As we move ahead on the route, Logan gives some brilliantly directed action scenes that see Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen take the cake. With a peep into the future  X-men , director Marco Beltrami organizes his script well that at all points revolves around Logan and the last laps of his journey Besides the high voltage action the film capitalizes on the emotional bonding between the characters as we see the last of the remaining X-Men bite the dust.


In its 140 minute long run, the film tries to shift focus from Hugh Jackman, but in the end Logan’s soul stays with the Wolverine. The on screen performances are good enough to support the cause as Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen who steal the show even in the acting department. As the film goes onto live only on Jackman nostalgia, action, momentary comedy and emotion, some noticeable background scores or music composition would have really been the icing to the cake. Sadly, James Mangold’smusic seems to be missing from the film as the Wolverine fights his Transigen created replica.


If something other than Wolverine, Logan seems to be the bridge between the last race and the next generation of X-Men to come. AS the journey breaks on its last station its indeed a sad moment for Wolverine fans but simultaneously the film is the best way to end this remarkable superhero character that has entertained us for the 9th time as the Wovlerine. To sum up, Logan is the best way to treat yourself this weekend and if you are a X-Men fan then there should be no reason to not watch Logan.

The Cinema Station’s Rating: Second AC Journey



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