Naam Shabana is the best April fool prank Bollywood could have played with you

Rating: Sleeper Second Seater Journey(1.5/5)

Prequels have never been Bollywood’s thing and while Naam Shabana could be the first in a while it really has nothing to offer or cheer for. Yes, its a prequel to the 2015 thriller Baby, and has Akshay Kumar and the frustrating techie Shuklaji(Anupam Kher) reunite once again with an elegant Manoj Bajpayee. Despite all these possible match winning attributes Naam Shabana is by far the most disappointing movie of 2017.


The film is fully insured as far as actors are concerned but other than that director Shivam Nair gets almost everything else wrong. From dialogues to screenplay the film is a terrible news. The journey opens with a strong and energetic Shabana who prefers knocking out anyone in her way. Well, even if one gives the film some time to settle in, it does not take much time for this 150 minute ride to start bothering you. As poor camera work and abysmal dialogue delivery welcome you, a botched up storyline is not far behind to follow. Whether it be the short love story of Shabana and Jai(Taher Shabber) or the operation to capture Tony(Prithviraj Sukumaran), one of the most wanted arm suppliers in the world, the film seems to be made out of compulsion.


A bold and match saving Akshay Kumar says “Itni door se aya hu..kuch toh karne do“, but the truth is that the film does some irreparable damage making it difficult for Akshay Kumar to help. Well if the first half is a misery madness, the popcorn and cola helps ease the pain and gets you through few minutes of the second half. Soon after the eatables are done, the ghost of Naam Shabana is back to haunt you. One can agree that the second half is a tad better than the first, but in the long run Naam Shabana does not even qualify to be compared with the standards of Baby. Acting is palatable enough as Akhay Kumar picks off from where he leaves off in Baby and the cameo of Anupam Kher is a saving grace to this over hyped film. Manoj Bajpayee graces the frame but does not challenge the wrath the film brings upon the audience.


Music is nothing great as the background score is the same as Baby. Despite Taapsee’s action and it being a prequel to Baby, the film has nothing in it. After MS Dhoni, we expect Mr. Pandey to give us more refreshing and interesting cinema and lets hope his Naam Shabana is backed up with some amazing work in the future. If you have not booked your tickets till now, Naam Shabana is a strict “NO” from the Cinema Station.

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