Noor is what needs to trend in Theatres this Weekend

Rating: 3rd AC Journey (3/5)

After a bold and bashing yet dull avtaar  in Akira I was not expecting much from Bollywood’s leading lady in Noor. To begin with, Noor’s trailer looked quite average and remaking old songs is always a put off. Noor is the story of an average girl who is struggling in he personal and professional life and such parody’s are food for youtube videos and stand up comedians. Despite its ridiculously average impression, Noor leaves you delighted in the end.


The journey kicks off with a frustrated, outspoken and displeased Sonakshi Sinha cursing her life, something what the trailers had already told us. Noor’s journey revolves around her ambition and her thankless journalism job to a great extent. Her friends As Saad(Kanan Gill) and Zara(Shibani Dandhekar) valiantly keep trying to cheer her up and keep her in the game but Noor is too busy fretting over her job, weight and spice less love life. Sunhil Sippy seems to have done his homework well as the first half strikes the right balance between drama and comedy. Given that its his first film, the junior Sippy needs to be applauded for making the film and their characters equally interesting and gripping.


The transition into the second half is swift and within moments we see the tone of the film changing from comic and subtle to serious and low. Similar to most Bollywood films the film and Noor seem to get under a shell  as the script brings forth us a cool and suave Kanan Gill who connects the scenes brilliantly in his acting debut. It is at this moment that Noor looks vulnerable to the most common woo’s of Bollywood film making. In her attempt to rise back and achieve justice Noor is motivated and within no time the director and characters whom we seem to forget are back in the driving seat.


Despite a rough patch in the journey, Noor ends on a brillaint note that may not seem very convincing but leaves you with a smile on the face. Music is not one of the catchy points of this film as Sonakshi Sinha takes a step further in the acting school. The film notably derives a closeness with Mumbai as the city of dreams helps Sonakshi gather herself and the film.

“Mumbai you are killing me…….and we both deserve another chance” becomes the highlight and turning point of this well constructed drama.I cannot say that Noor is the best thing you would see but its casual cinema that toes not trouble you much and that is what you need after Naam Shaban and Begum Jaan.

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