Baahubali and SS Rajamouli leave you spellbound as the might and class of Indian cinema touches an all new level

The Cinema Station’s Rating: Second AC Journey (4/5)

Now who was not dazzled by the magic Baahubali: The Beginning had cast upon us? Amazing effects, widely decorated cast with an absorbing story recited under the brilliance of SS Rajamouli was something we usually do not see. Baahubali was the visual adaptation of almost all Amar Chitra Katha comics that I had read as a kid and not only did the film excite me but also gave me a blast from the past. Leaving millions of Indians with the question, “Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?” , Mr. Rajamouli’s answer comes with another grand and glossy film, Baahubali: The Conclusion.


The film picks up from where the prequel left us and an efficient transition starts the journey on a good note. Baahubali is one of the huge projects our country’s cinema has seen and the outcome is nothing short of the best cinematic journey you will ever experience. The film gives you everything from the overwhelming action to the mesmerizing effects and punching dialogues. Despite the two year gap the team does not make you feel the gap at all as the story flows freely from the beginning to the conclusion maintaining its style and charisma throughout the ride.


As expected the film gives us a deeper insight to the pre-story of Baahubali that had to end with the fall of the mighty warrior. More interestingly, Rajamouli’s jump into the past is full of humour, grandeur and emotion. On one hand we see Prabhas falling for a bold and beautiful Anushka Shetty(Devasena) while on the other we have Rana plotting his moves to bring down his brother. All in all the makers succeed in putting up a wonderful first half as Rajamouli’s classic gets all set to treat you with what is to come.


The National Award winning film  does not let you complain or crib over acting as everyone from the lead actors to the supporting cast fulfill the ask of the script. Yes, we do see those sparks of excess emotion but that just goes well with Rajamouli’s royalty oozing scenes and grand staging. Into the second half we see the film transform from a bowl of bubbling joy and romance into a more political and dark mood. Once again Rajamouli’s methods of direction and tone change leave you amazed and full of admiration.


Despite all its merits and the wow moments Baahubali does tend to falter at times. As we near the end of the journey the film feels like its hurrying towards the climax which leaves a bad flavour after all what have seen. The 170 minute ride that has you full of praise seems to lose its spirit after the fall of Baahubali as Rajamouli brings us into the present moment with the junior Prabhas calling the shots. Prabhas’ performance as Amrendra Baahubali is more convincing than as Mahendra Baahubali but the film makes it up to you with the final battle scene.


If you thought that ‘The battle of Bastards‘ was one of the greatest on screen battle, I would recommend watching Rajamouli’s war scenes in the Baahubali films. With the cruel reign of Bhallaldev(Rana Daggubati) being shattered this mighty Indian classic draws towards an expected end. To sum it up, Baahubali leaves you floored as it shows the might and class of Indian cinema touching an all new level.


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