Ram Gopal Varma gets lost in his own genius as Sarkar3 is another misfired shot

The Cinema Station’s Rating: 2nd Sleeper Class Journey (1./5)

There is nothing more painful than witnessing the rise and fall of a film maker in your lifetime. First the legend of Subhash Ghai and now Ram Gopal Varma is all set to bite the dust. To be honest, I would not be lying if I had not predicted this after the infamous “Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag“, nothing short of an insult to Ramesh Sippy’s “Sholay“. Moving from the nature of Mr. Varma’s previous exploits to his latest cinematic mishap, Sarkar 3, RGV tries hard but miserably fails in recreating anything near to his earlier masterpieces.


Sarkar and Sarkar Raj had good memories with every Indian film lover and without doubt were Bollywood’s top notch attempts at the gangster film genre. With Sarkar3 being announced I expected nothing short of a treat to the mind blowing sequels. The film looked great from the trailers and with a star studded cast comprising of Amitabh Bachachan, Jackie Shroff, Amit Sadh, Ronit Roy and Manoj Bajpayee coupled with the effect of two sensational prequel films there was nothing much that could have gone wrong.


The journey kicks off from where things were left a few years back as Ram Gopal Varma quickly shuffles across all his characters in a flurry with no proper background and story, jumping directly into the line of action. One can mistake it with his style of direction but the director fails to support the intense scenes and backdrop with equally sensible dialogues and direction.


With a lot of focus hovering around the acting department, Mr. Bachchan, Ronit Roy and Amit Sadh are the only actors one can notice while Jackie Shroff wanders in and around an infinity pool oozing out his aristocracy and meaningless monologues that make him look classy yet obtuse. Yami Gautam and Manoj Bajpayee fail to make an impression as they are hardly utilized by the script. Despite a mile of demerits one has to hand it over to Amol Rathod for his powerful-suspense creating camera work and the music directors that help you get through the film with the constant background score support.


Mr. Varma may have chosen a tale good enough to be told but his screenplay spoils the mood of the journey. What could have been Ram Gopal Varma’s sensational comeback is marred with senselessly used bold dialogues along with poorly edited and abruptly ending scenes. With the first half ending on an average note the second half falls much below expectations as the fault line gets even more exposed. Just when the director realizes he has gone too far to mend things he thankfully ends the film with an unexpected twist in the tale.


Summing it up, I did happen to notice the remains of the genius of Ram Gopal Varma but Sarkar 3 could have been a much better experience if it would have not sported such a convoluted plot and intolerable screenplay. As the film ends its difficult to believe the mistakes the film makes and I wish we get something better to follow from Mr. Varma.

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