Half Girlfriend: As the term so the film

The Cinema Station’s Rating: Messed Up 3rd AC Journey(2.5/5)

Just what Sarkar3 made me feel for Ram Gopal Verma, Half Girlfriend make me feel for Mohit Suri. Its just sad to see a film maker with films like Zeher, Murder, Awarapan and Raaz in his resume put up a series of half baked and immature love stories that are supposed to sell on the basis of the brilliance of their music. Yes, Mohit Suri’s Half Girlfriend is no better than his previous cinematic tragedies, Ek Villain and Ashiqui 2.


Though it kicks off on a jovial note with a shy Bihari guy(Arjun Kapoor) falling head over heels for a rich, nervous and adorable Delhi girl(Shraddha Kapoor), the film fails to carry the solid momentum for a long time. Shot in parts of Delhi, Bihar and New York the film captures some brilliant shots in the heart of the capital, banks of the Ganges and in the Big Apple. As the music forms the essence of the film, this journey gets boring at times and smells stale in the first half itself. Arjun Kapoor pulls off a cool Bihari  accent and fits the role of a silent and introvert boy while Shraddha takes her time to fit in the role, but unfortunately doesn’t. To add more to the woes their chemistry looks inexplicable as their on acreen chemistry mostly revolves around awkward fist bumps and very less substance


The screenplay is jittery and Mohit Suri’s direction takes a hit when it comes to the intimate scenes. Surprisingly, despite the horrid images this ride gives us, the first half ends on a suspense point putting up questions and the expectations of an interesting second half.


Sadly, the second half begins on the same monotone as Arjun Kapoor looks helpless and in desperate need for a relationship counselor. Vikrant Massey, playing Arjun’s best friend in college does level up his game but these short sparks of brilliance are too less to save the film. The film does not only confuse you with the term ‘Half girlfriend’ but also makes it difficult to understand the flow of events as Suri’s skills are once again to question.


Post an over dramatic Delhi and a touching Bihar, the New York leg of the film is thankfully subtle to start with before we see Madhav Jha’s obsession and madness touch new heights. It is this part of the film where Mohit Suri actually uses his special touch that steers the film to a palatable end. The film focuses upon social and cultural issues of girl child education and language barriers, which actually stop you from pulling your hair amidst the theatre.


Would it not have been for the effective and melodious sound track fused with those scantly dispersed moving moments, the film would have ended being a much bigger dissapointment than it actually is. It makes blunders and immature mistakes as Half Girlfriend is another miscalculated shot. To sum up, Half Girlfriend is ‘Boring se thoda zyada par entertaining se kaafi kam‘. You can try it but at your own risk.

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