Hindi Medium goes too strong to make a valid point

The Cinema Station’s Rating: Standard 3rd AC Journey (3/5)

Bollywood has always gone hard and done well with the message of social and language disparity and with Hindi Medium’s trailers, once again the message was going to be the same. With a finely jazzy soundtrack with Punjabi classics along with the wit of Irrfan Khan and an intriguing Saba Qamar, the film looked fresh and worth the watch.


Set in the streets of Delhi the film puts up two completely different parts of Delhi; a richly clad and posh one in contrast to the poor and innocent one. Starting with an adorable and young love story the film transforms into a married couple’s nightmare quite efficiently. With his eyes set to exploit Delhi’s wrecked primary education system and glossy society, Saket Chaudhary starts off on a good note. Properly capturing the Chandni Chowk waali Dilli and the Vasant Vihar New Delhi, the film fills the journey with light laughs and touching moments.


As the idea of educating their daughter in a highly rated school gets even more ghastly for the parents, the film digs more into the corrupt system behind the admission system in the national capital. Despite the tone of the film the director makes sure that there are surprising entries lighting up the screen every now and then. We see faces like Neha Dhupia, Rajesh Das, Amrita Singh and Sanjay Suri which make sure the quality of acting and screenplay does not fall below a level.


Irrfan Khan once again makes sure his skills carry he film till the end as his chemistry with Saba Qamar is just amazing. As the actress successfully carries the frustration and emotion throughout the film she amazes in her role of the typical Delhi lady who is making a transition from the old to the posh Delhi. The second half starts with the same intnsiyty as this journey crosses some interesting stations and viewpoints. With the mood changing from a rich to a poor Delhi, the film gets even more captivating. Deepak Dobriyal’s cameo assures comedy but at the same time makes us feel the joy and completeness even a financially challenged family enjoys. It is from here the overused comedy becomes a problem with the film.


The 130 minute journey gives us a lot of twists but after a point they seem to turn tasteless. Yes, the film is carried well up to a certain extent but as we near the last station the ghost of Shaadi ke Side Effects comes to haunt Saket Chaudhary and we once again suffer from the regular Bollywood end spoiling dilemma.


Despite suave performances and a bold issue being talked about, Hindi Medium just falls into the average category for me. A gripping journey that just gets out of control towards the end does make a point but also gives off a lot of unnecessary drama and plot twists that just change your perception of the film. In the end, Hindi Medium without a doubt is the better release this weekend and watching it could be useful before the Monday sets in.

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