Wonder Woman is not a great journey, but certainly good enough to save the DC shipwreck.

The Cinema Station’s Rating: Standard 3rd AC Journey with some great visuals(3.0/5)

It had been time since DC got serious about their characters on the celluloid. After the Dark Knight series a string of raw films had left the DC fans squashed and miserable. With Affleck as the new Batman and a bunch of new characters lined up to make their DC debut, Wonder Woman was quite the step needed to get the excitement churned up.


After a heart throbbing trailer putting up some incredible action, wit and hint of a Gal Gadot and Chris Pine romance, the trailer of Wonder Woman once again promised fireworks and to a great extent, they delivered. Picking off with the older times in standard DC style, the story of Wonder Woman builds block by block with everything in almost perfect proportion. Right from the history to the Godly kingdoms, the storyteller has it all mapped out for you. After starting on a strong footing the film takes course of a well written and directed journey. The characters of Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in the backdrop of the World War are brilliantly handled by the director.


As Diana of Themyscira and the princess of Amazon(Gal Gadot) sails into a war torn and ghastly looking London with a British spy, Steve Trevor(Chris Pine), the film throws at you a gush of hilarious moments. While Diana is trying to figure out what place she is in Steve gets onto his mission to save the world from the wrath of the German general, Ludendorf and his scientist aide Dr. Poison.


In the series of events that unfold, we get to see the Fast and Furious weapon expert take a huge leap into the World War era destroying German bunkers with a mere armour and sword. Amazed by her spark and action, not only are the on screen characters amazed, but also the audience in the theatres are left spellbound. She may impress with her action and daunting courage but at times her pale facial expressions make you feel the urge of a much mature actress for the role.


Despite all the dazzling action, Patty Jenkins pumps life into the film with a heart warming love story that dwells around war torn surroundings. Though Gal Gadot may not be the perfect Wonder Woman for me but her on screen chemistry with Chris Pine is mesmerizing.


Her powers are seamless for the common man, but Wonder Woman finally meets her match in an amazingly directed final battle. The character of Ares is not only well constructed but also architects a smooth twist in the tale, which is a rarity with DC films.


To sum it all up, Patty Jenkins pulls of a reasonably good job with this character and the film. Regardless of her novice resume and the humongous expectations upon her, she pulls of Wonder Woman with some serene dignity to make sure the DC Universe stays alive.

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