Sushant’s spirit and Deepika’s number is what helps you sustain Raabta

The Cinema Station’s Rating: The Unreserved Coach Night Journey from Chennai to Katpadi

The gloom and stale flavor of Bollywood’s time travel love stories are no less than that of the Chennai Central station during the last hours of the day. To be honest, I never did expect a lot from Raabta but was all hearts for the dazzling and fresh cast; right from success, Sushant Singh Rajput and Jim Sarabh along with the dazzling Kriti Sanon. However, Raabta ends up being a piece of unwatchable cinema.


As this ride gathers momentum we are flushed with a gush of energy, romance, cheeky dialogues and all that our young love stories do. It’s not long before Raabta stops making sense but Suhsant’s energy and wit opposite to the charm of Kriti certainly help. Drops of a bubbly Varun Sharma and an elegant cum suspicious Jim Sarbh help you add to the expectation of something worthy in the offing. While the music sets in to add to the refreshments, the quality of the screenplay and dialogues take a massive hit as the first half ends on a totally lost and illogical note.


With hardly minutes into the second half, we see the remaining essence of this film is completely lost as it is butchered even further by the blades of time travel and weird-looking actors. Deepika’s moves to the tunes of the title track were like a gush of momentary breeze in the unreserved compartment while I suffocated between tired hawkers and vegetable sellers. It’s amazing that even in such a time, I could smirk and giggle. Despite the immature screenplay, poor dialogues, raw story, vulnerable characters and burden of another failed time travel love story, Sushant manages to give you those moments of joy with his aura and wit that stays right there till the end of the film.


Probably the only good thing about Raabta is that it hurries with a tremendous urge towards the climax only to reproduce another disappointing act. As everything burns to flames and the ashes of Jim Sarbh’s over dramatic performance settle, the trauma finally ends for the audience. The sad part is that a film which looked potent enough to shake the curse of Bollywood time travel love stories is made with such gaps and half-hearted intent.


With a heavy heart for the film, but, also with the contentment of walking out unharmed from the unreserved compartment, at Katpadi station, Raabta was a bad cinematic experience after a long time.

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