Tubelight lacks the starter and certainly chokes

The Cinema Station’s Rating: Sleeper Class Journey(2/5)

When Kabir Khan said that Salman’s acting is a step ahead in Tubelight, I actually raised the bar and was certainly wrong to do that. In a film that unlike most others sticks to its theme and focusses on doing its job, Salman Khan looks to be the most out of sorts thing. Tubelight is a script that needed a much intense level of emotion that Salman miserably fails to pull off.


The factors Tubelight plays on are an intense degree of emotion and cuteness, brilliant camera shots, some laudable music and an immature yet self-believing Salman who tries really hard to make this outing an enjoyable one. The film is set in the hills of Kumaon and parts of Ladakh oscillating in the catastrophic times of 1962 during the Indo-China war. As the rails roll, Kabir Khan sets the ball rolling and unlike Bajrangi puts before you a juicy and eventful first half. While Sohail is away on the war front Salman gets busy in a journey to capture his “yakeen” self-belief and confidence. It is here, where Kabir actually finds a desirable subplot to his mega starred Eid release.


As things change from bad to worse on the war front, the makers hint at the incompetency and unawareness of the then Government that lead our soldiers into a valley of doom. With Sohail’s words echoing throughout the film, “Partner…kya tujhe yakeen hai?” and a slight push from a Sharukh cameo, Salman finds his belief by moving things around him, but it is not long before his acting skills start to pinch. As the journey gets intense and plays on a much higher level of sentiment, Salman Khan is trusted to carry the film all by himself, but the gamble does not pay off at all to leave behind an undesirable flavor.


Music helps the cause but not to a great extent. As far as the supporting cast goes Om Puri and the new kid on the block, Matin Tangu deliver moving performances as there are points you start looking out for them to help you get through. Zeeshan Ayyub has proved himself as an accomplished supporting actor, but his role in Tubelight is simply unworthy of his talents. As the film boasts of some time casting woes, the lead lady Zhu Zhu does cast a pretty spell but her chemistry with Salman is tasteless and lacks intent.


Despite a flurry of pitfalls Tubelight does justice to its theme and ends up showing what it wanted to and that is the only reason your heart can cheer for the film. Bundling you with emotions, calming you with its music, delivering on its agenda but punishing you with a glossy yet struggling cast, Tubelight falls into the below average category for me. You can watch it, but if you are not a Salman Khan fan, there are heavy chances of you not liking it.


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