Sridevi’s grace magnifies the emotional dilemmas Mom presents

The Cinema Station’s Rating: Third AC Journey (3.5/5)

Well packed suspense, sincerely-etched characters and brilliantly presented emotional conflicts sum up Sridevi’s comeback film, Mom. One great thing about Mom is that it lives up to the hype created by its trailer. The film revolves around the crippled relationship of Sridevi and her stepdaughter Sajal Ali that develops in rather troubled times for their family.


With one of the most common stories experimented in the industry, Ravi Udyawar’s directorial debut begins on a light and fun note and within no time takes a dark and. Despite the countless emotional flip-flops the film takes us it hardly allows you to shift your focus from the screen. The director makes sure to elaborate on the interfamily bonds and tensions from the very first scene making the exposition fall in place with the tone the film takes.


What I believed to be something of an Indian version of Taken turns out to be a mother’s journey to punish the criminals that raped her daughter and reconnect with her stepdaughter by earning her faith and respect. A.R. Rahman’s music enhances the soul of the film as Sridevi needs no convincing playing a mother out for revenge. Nawazuddin’s cameo is subtle and a few glossy dialogues light up his involvement in the film. One cannot complain much about the acting performances as the supporting cast puts up a strong formation with Sridevi in the lead.


Playing on emotions and the feelings of an 18-year-old who has survived a gang rape, Mom does a pretty decent job to entertain. Something that really needs to be applauded is Ravi udyawar’s skills as a director. From a potent screenplay to using the surrounding nature and objects to showcase the mood of the characters and the film, Ravi Udywar’s attention to detail is impressive given that he is a first timer.


In the end, Mom does end on a good note as everything falls in place for Devaki (Sridevi) and Arya (Sajal Ali) and the mother-daughter bond is finally built. The film does have a twist in the tale but I feel that could have been better treated. On the whole, Mom left me a pleasant aftertaste as the film does not give you much to rue. It’s fine,articulate and can be watched.


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