Sunil Shetty’s comeback is my cheering point in A Gentleman’s trailer

Glossy stars, loud action, good to go comedy, a love story with an overdose of music and a few intimate scenes is turning to be the defining points of commercial cinema in Bollywood. With an impactful packed trailer releasing a few hours back, A Gentleman: Sundar Susheel Risky looks to be another dhoom dhadaam film in 2017.


  • The trailer stars a lot of familiar faces (Rajit Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Amit Mistry) with Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez making the lead pair. The rumors of the film to be a sequel to Hrithik and Katrina’s 2014 commercial hit Bang Bang sends out a loud and clear message of what one can expect when we see it in theaters.


  • The 3-minute trailer seems to get nothing right except for the intensifying action and looks quite incapable of building a meaningful 120-minute film out of this. Well, if they do, it will be a surprise and I would love it. The trailer also gives away the double role of Siddharth Malhotra which is another challenge for me, given the convincing powers as an actor he has exhibited in the past.


  • The supporting cast looks formidable with Bollywood’s Anna (Sunil Shetty) making his comeback to mainstream cinema and I cannot wait to see the veteran outplay the kids of today. In addition to the supporting cast, the background music and the action look to be the only spices which could help enhance the taste of this otherwise bland looking dish.


  • The makers, Raj & DK, who are known for their cult classic Go Goa Gone, take a step ahead into the action genre. Known for their light tone films, it might be interesting to see how do they shape up with the Bollywood masala action flavor. Its the quality of the films they have made that could help this gentleman be a promising and engulfing state of affairs.

Well, in the end, I do have expectations but not too high for A Gentleman. One can only have fingers crossed for this film to be Sundar, Susheel and Stylish.

Watch the trailer of A Gentleman – Sundar, Susheel, Stylish.


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