Jagga Jasoos left me spellbound

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A refreshing concept, art direction to its best, songs that are good and don’t feel unnecessary and a story that makes you feel for it are just some of the traits of this exemplary ride. I went in with high expectations, and not even for a moment did Anurag Basu or his team fail to impress me. Despite the high buzz around the texture of the film, Jagga Jasoos does really well in building up to the climax and finally making the smoothest landing possible.


It begins on a musical note and takes some time to sink in. But, when it does Jagga Jassos keeps you gripped to the seat for its entire running length. The film was shot in patches across a span of almost 2 years across multiple locations in India and Africa, but, one does not feel the disconnect or gap even for a moment. Anurag Basu has done his homework properly as he takes to shed light upon the Naxal arms racquet in the North East in the most innocent picture possible. The journey unfolds with Katrina Kaif narrating the heroics of Jagga with later going into the backdrop of Jagga’s character. The protagonist played by Ranbir Kapoor has a well-done character sketch with the correct mix of emotion, skill and fear.


In addition to the crazy cartoonish backdrop which Anurag Basu chooses to tell his story, the film follows a musical pattern with most of the dialogues and conversations in the couplets and short songs. Given, such challenges, the journey keeps you intrigued with its twists and turns and every station stop promises you some entertainment. For a moment, I thought that Basu picked up from where Barfi left by etching a verbally challenged Ranbir Kapoor and a goofed up Katrina Kaif. Katrina, who plays a journalist from Kolkata adds to the balance in the script but suffers from her common expressions problem. I could observe scenes where despite trying really hard she is unable to match the class and effort of Ranbir, which is one of the only thing wrong with this musical-adventure love story.


Similar to his earlier films, Basu maintains sync with his style by forcing a well written and orchestrated supporting cast composed of Saurabh Shukla, Sayani Gupta,  Saswata Chatterjee (remember Bob Biswas, the killer, from Kahaani) and Denzil Smith. The ride which brings you an immense flavor of Bengal with Bengali accents, the Kolkata tram and Assamese folk dances depicts study and understanding of the culture in great detail. Another part that you will love about Jagga Jassos is that you never feel that the film has out of place songs. Keeping the musical genre in mind, the songs have been done really well and only help you fine tune and get more involved with Jagga’s adventures.


Well, there is a lot to write and the level of impact the film has left on me I could go on and on. WIth Jagga Jasoos, Bollywood takes another step towards classy cinema as it ends up being a well-ventured experiment with fruitful takeaways. Summing up my experience, Jagga Jasoos is what you should surely watch because there are rare films that couple intent and emotion

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