Jab Harry Met Sejal might work for Europe Tourism but definitely not for me

The Cinema Station’s Rating: Sleeper class Journey (1.5/5)

When we talk Imtiaz Ali, we mean romance, breathtaking locations, filling songs, impressive characters, real heart felt conflicts, the chilling desi swagger and lots of Indian culture exhibit roped together by a soothing script for which your heart can feel. I know it’s a lot, but Imtiaz Ali has been one person who has pulled it off with ease in the past with films like Tamasha, Jab We Met,  Love Aaj Kal and Rockstar.Well, his latest mega starter, Jab Harry Met Sejal had almost each of the things I mentioned except one; a powerful, meaningful and convincing script.


It all begins with the typical Imtiaz fashion; a delusional and complicated protagonist, Harry, a song to stir up things and a mind-blowing off-beat location to thrill the visuals. Post a cracking start and dramatically amusing entries of the lead characters, Harry and Sejal, the film sets off on a journey across the continent of Europe. Apparently, the driving force of their journey is Anushka Sharma’s engagement ring, which she loses on the trip. Though strange, the first half is built up by the sensational chemistry and dilemmas the characters face in their quest to find the damned ring. From smacking and escaping goons to singing duets and fighting emotions, the film brings everything you have already seen, which gradually starts robbing the film of the to be expected fresh flavor. Known for his unique story telling ways, Imtiaz once again fits the film into his standard template that soon turns dull and opaque.


As expected, the characters are well built and do their job with perfection. Whether it be the convoluted and delusional Harry or the charismatic Gujarati character of Sejal, the lead pair is the only impression the film made on my mind. argumentsThe supporting cast is not much in the thick of things as Imtiaz rests this film on Sharukh, Anushka and his binding music. Though his story telling and writing skills desert him on this trip, his music and character build up are the only 2 things that still stick and help one get through Harry and Sejal’s romantic bonanza.


As I neared the end of this tormenting and unaligned ride, thankfully, Imtiaz stitches everything up to make sure his hollow plot is at least sealed with a mildly jolly and believable end. Summing it up, I had huge expectations from the film and they just go crashing down in the end. Hence, I arrive at the conclusion that the film might have worked for Europe tourism but definitely not for me.

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