It does not take much time to fall in love with this Sassy and Badass Bandookbaaz

We loved it in Gangs of Wasseypur, then again in Raman Raghav, and now, once again he dons the same impulsive and rash gangster avtaar in Babumoshai Bandookbaaz. It should not take much time to fall in love with the character of Nawazuddin who pretty much, runs the entire 3-minute trailer and owns his space as the protagonist. Shot in the rural lands of the country, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, is the story of a gangster who does practically everything, from killing people to falling in love.


  • The film gives a clear indication of it being a one man show. But, timely appearances of Divya Dutta, Murli Sharma and Shradha Das lighten up the screen and could possibly share the load. The 3-minute long trailer gives a glimpse of a captivating Divya Dutta cameo, but we shall have to wait and watch to see how the remaining cast plays along.

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  • Dialogues have been the soul of Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s powerful and engulfing performances and given the genre of the film, the screenplay has been wisely setup. Ranging from cheeky to bold, the dialogues explore almost every attribute that keeps the common man glued to the screen. The quality of direction looks profound as most scenes look well covered and complete. Whether it be the heated up intimate scenes or the ones where Nawazuddin just enjoys shooting people, the film is expected to be well put together.


  • The story line of the film looks ordinary as the trailer hints at a discrete combination of power, romance and revenge. The makers keep in mind the ethnicity and background of the film which puts this gangster flick in the background of a rural India to add to the spontaneity and rudimentary attitude of the characters involved. The trailer promises no shortage of desi action and bloodshed as the film looks to dwell on the darker side of its characters.


  •  The background score plays along with the action and romance as once again the rural background forces a contrasting soundtrack. On one hand, the opening scene tunes us to a Lata Mangeshkar classic the following scenes get a hold of the jazzy Bollywood tunes. On the whole, the music matches the tone of the film, making it almost impossible up to mess up.

Summing up my analysis, Babumoshai Banddokbaaz is definitely what people could prefer over the Siddhart-Jacqueline starrer, A Gentleman. The trailer raises hopes and I sincerely wish the film does not crash them.

Sunil Shetty’s comeback is my cheering point in A Gentleman’s trailer

Glossy stars, loud action, good to go comedy, a love story with an overdose of music and a few intimate scenes is turning to be the defining points of commercial cinema in Bollywood. With an impactful packed trailer releasing a few hours back, A Gentleman: Sundar Susheel Risky looks to be another dhoom dhadaam film in 2017.


  • The trailer stars a lot of familiar faces (Rajit Kapoor, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Amit Mistry) with Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez making the lead pair. The rumors of the film to be a sequel to Hrithik and Katrina’s 2014 commercial hit Bang Bang sends out a loud and clear message of what one can expect when we see it in theaters.


  • The 3-minute trailer seems to get nothing right except for the intensifying action and looks quite incapable of building a meaningful 120-minute film out of this. Well, if they do, it will be a surprise and I would love it. The trailer also gives away the double role of Siddharth Malhotra which is another challenge for me, given the convincing powers as an actor he has exhibited in the past.


  • The supporting cast looks formidable with Bollywood’s Anna (Sunil Shetty) making his comeback to mainstream cinema and I cannot wait to see the veteran outplay the kids of today. In addition to the supporting cast, the background music and the action look to be the only spices which could help enhance the taste of this otherwise bland looking dish.


  • The makers, Raj & DK, who are known for their cult classic Go Goa Gone, take a step ahead into the action genre. Known for their light tone films, it might be interesting to see how do they shape up with the Bollywood masala action flavor. Its the quality of the films they have made that could help this gentleman be a promising and engulfing state of affairs.

Well, in the end, I do have expectations but not too high for A Gentleman. One can only have fingers crossed for this film to be Sundar, Susheel and Stylish.

Watch the trailer of A Gentleman – Sundar, Susheel, Stylish.


Mubarakan looks to be the regular Bollywood humdrum

Our film industry never fails to give the regular comedy drama cocktail. To be honest, if you are the regular Bollywood buff, you might actually end up enjoying Mubarakan, but the film looks to be a collection of the most well-exploited Bollywood cliches.


What looks to be an adaptation of Salman Khan’s Judwa, Mubarakan puts before you a star-studded cast. From a double role of Arjun Kapoor to the over energetic uncle, Anil, the film looks to go all guns blazing in the acting and comedy department. Catchy dialogues and pangs of emotion are what the Mubarakan brings to us. Like old times, director Anees Bazmee looks to play with his cherished tools of confusion, comedy, multiple actors and Anil Kapoor.


Music is jazzy and glossy as Mika Singh takes charge but as the trailer comes to an end the film gives off the idea of another something like No Entry or Welcome in the offing. Despite the film looking to head down the common road most comedy genre Bollywood films do, Anil Kapoor is the heartthrob in this trailer and without a doubt, could end up being the soul of the film. Moreover, with the type of roles, Arjun Kapoor has picked up in his past few films, he could have a lot to add to the script.


Moreover, with the type of roles, Arjun Kapoor has picked up in his past few films, he could have a lot to add to the script. before being any more judgy about this full of life, cliched trailer, I would love to see what Anees Bazmee has to offer to us with Mubarakan.


Neil Nitin Mukesh’s unholy look is the most striking part of Indu Sarkar’s trailer

“Emergency mein emotion nahi..mere order chalte hai.” With that being the opening lines in a 2-minute 55-second long trailer, Neil Nitin Mukesh’s persona set a gripping tone for Indu Sarkar’s trailerIndu Sarkar’s succulent trailer puts light on a lot of things but unearthing the character of Sanjay Gandhi and his role in 1975 emergency has impressed me the most.


Silent and homely in the first half to resolute and adamant in the next, Kirti Kulhari’s character of Indu Sarkar promises a journey full of sparks. The leading lady looks to take a leap after donning some influential roles in Shaitaan and Pink. The film also marks the return of the veteran filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar after a long exile. Sticking to his idea of filming controversial events and scenarios, Indu Sarkar looks no different.


As the film digs deeper into the 75 emergencies the director promises to rope in a series of twists and turns that could make the story interesting. The acting department looks well ensured with the presence of Anupam Kher in the center of things.

Needless to say, it would be interesting to see the level of controversy that spurs up when Madhur Bhandarkar’s work with one of the most controversial and dementing events of Indian politics hits theaters on 28th July.

Trailer Trails: Arjun Rampal looks to boss as Daddy hints at being a perfect Bollywood gangster film

Bollywood, gangsters and Mumbai have been the perfect 3-course meal over the years. Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, Company, Maqbool and the list goes on and on before we settle on a number of amazing films Bollywood has produced in the gangster genre. However, despite the expertise, there has been a huge void left as we long to see another convincing Bollywood gangster.


Based on the life of gangster turned politician Arun Gawli, Daddy looks to give you a glimpse of the days when the Bombay underworld was born. The 2 and a half minute trailer puts in names of Dawood and Dongri that are enough to get your attention. Featuring gang wars, retro style dressed actors and a deadly Arjun Rampal at the helm of things.


Despite a tough and transformed Arjun Rampal there are hardly any attention stealers I could find. Despite the fact that its based on a true story, Daddy, not only is about the underworld of those days, but also about the representation of Mumbai in those troubled times.

Well, there is a lot to look forward to and a lot more at stake. From my point of view, Daddy has a lot to impress, but, only if it capitalizes upon its story with an engulfing screenplay and worthy direction.

Trailer Trails…Toilet Ek Prem Katha: What’s better? Vidya Balan’s advertisement or Akshay Kumar’s comical illustration

After almost a year we are back with our venture of Trailer Trails, where we talk about the scoring and losing points of film trailers. A film’s trailer gives you hundreds of reasons whether to watch a film or not and hence analyzing it saves the audience’ money and time.


Sajid Khan portrayed Akshay Kumar as a ‘Panauti‘ in Housefull and struck gold. From marrying a buffalo to pleading with his father for marriage, the makers give us a fused flavor of Akshay, which he mastered in Housefull and Jolly LLB 2.


A three-minute trailer filled with drama, emotion and comedy does tickle but fails to outclass its Bollywood brother and sisters. Bhumi Pednekar carries forward her bold and fearless mood after a successful Dum Laga ke Haisha and only watching the film would give us a better understanding of her character.


Supporting roles from veterans like Anupam Kher and Sudhir Pandey along with the comical flavor of Divyeandu Sharma should not leave gaps in the acting department at all. The film gets its hype not only from the star cast but also from its theme and the writers of the story. With everything in perfect position and looking to spread the PM’s message of ‘Swach Bharat’ , Toilet- Ek Prem Katha has a lot to offer, but the trailer, though quite glossy and attractive, has an average film written all over it.

Trailer Trails: Raaz Reboot

Since its inception in 2002, the Raaz series has been one of the most popular productions of the Bhatt production banner. The Raaz movies have always oscillated around a common theme, a love story with a haunted background; and so does Raaz Reboot. Not only does the film pose a naive title for a horror film sequel, but also does not pose a much decorated star cast, as most Vishesh films.


With Emraan Hashmi the only big name joined by Kriti Randhawa and Gaurav Arora, the trailer surely gives you the scary moments playing along with an adorable love triangle between the lead actors. Music, which is Vishesh Films’ most powerful component is kept under the curtain during a 2 and a half minute thrilling prelude to what can be expected be another horror masterclass from the Bhatt’s.

40534-Raaz (2002)


Raaz Reboot will strictly cater to a very limited audience who are either Emraan Hashmi fans or horror movie enthusiasts and does not seem a very major financial venture for Vishesh films. Well, with the songs yet to be rolled out, much cannot be said about the conquests of Raaz Reboot on the box office, but the film will surely aim at the revival of the series after the disappointment of the last two parts.

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Trailer Trails: MS Dhoni – The Untold Story

“India lifts the world cup after 28 years and its an Indian captain who has been magnificient in the night of the final“; the words from Ravi Shastri on the 2nd of April 2011 as the Indian captain struck a massive six to win India its second cricket World Cup still echo in the ears of every Indian cricket fan. Last week, we saw the trailer of the much awaited biopic of MS Dhoni, one of India’s greatest wicket keeper and captain and in one word it is a ripper.


The 3 minute long trailer shuffles through a variety of characters ranging from the lead Sushant Singh Rajput to the likes of Anupam Kher and Rajesh Sharma. Not only does the film boast of a powerfull acing line up , but also has a master mind director to orchestrate thee artists. Director Neeraj Pandey who has proved his mettle in Bollywood with stunners like, A Wednesday, Baby, Rustom and Special26 is definitely expected to make a huge impact once again with the biopic of India’s most loved captain.


The trailer does not showcase any songs but gives you a brief insight of the untold story of the accession of a Jharkhand boy from a ticket collector to India’s greatest cricketers in a fast forward mode, doing the job it was expected to do. To be honest, yes MS Dhoni – The Untold Story looks stunning, exciting and is set to trouble the Box Office scorekeepers and would rate it as a must watch.

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Trailer Trails: Kyuki Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost

Hey Guys, we are back with the 2nd edition of #TrailerTalks. Today we put under the lense Ajay Devgan’s latest adventure thriller, Shivaay. The movie stars the veteran Mr. Devgan, the comedian Vir Das(which looks to be the exciting point) and a new girl on the block, Sayesha Saigal.


Shivaay is fast and furious. The trailers paints so many pictures before you that you are left unresolved with what is the movie all about. It deals with the biggest weapon of lord Shiva of the Hindu mythology, Tandav(chaos), and the trailer is the imperfect merger between chaos and adrenaline. Acting skills of Mr. Devgan are unquestionable as always as he takes the cake himself leaving some space for the actress and a surprising element, Vir Das.

The entry of Vir Das came as a surprise to me, given the fact he is India’s known comedians. He gave off the perfect look in his 2 second appearance and other than Ajay, he is the only thing I can focus upon. Shivaay looks to be a cinema skill candy, but a lot will depend upon the script and Mr. Devgan’s directorial skills.

Trailer Trails: Freaky Ali looks damn freaky and enjoyable

Welcome to our first edition of #TrailerTalks. Today we talk about the trailer of Salman Khan’s latest production , Freaky Ali, re launching his kin, Arbaaz Khan opposite to the amazingly adept Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


Well as the trailer revelas, Freaky Ali is the freaky story of a road side Mumbai goon who i surprisingly good at cricket.Supported by the wayward yet funny looking Arbaaz Khan. This movie will be a feast for those who have the fetish for both, Nawazuddin’s skills and his proficient acting skills. The trailer shows no added flavor or spices but you may expect some as it comes straight form Salman Khan’s production house.

Actors look entertaining but more importantly the lead pair of Nawazuddin and Arbaaz seems to compliment each other. I would say this movie is going to be loved but may not get the commercial claim it deserves.

Do let us know your views on the film and on #TrailerTalks

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